Beth Giles

Trainee Assistant Coach - Central Staffs CrossFit

Sport and fitness has always been my passion in life and this started through gymnastics. I trained and competed as a gymnast for years up until last year when it was time to give it up.

I knew I wanted to keep my fitness up and tried going to a standard gym but I felt like something was missing and that’s what bought me to Central Staffs as a member and I fell in love with CrossFit straight away.

I have been coaching gymnastics for a while now but really taken it seriously in the past year since giving up training myself and I really enjoy being in the role of a coach, supporting and motivating others in a sport (what’s not to love?!)

I have recently been working as a personal trainer and class instructor but I’m ready for a new challenge and am really excited to be part of such a great team here at central staffs!