Physically I have lost weight and a dress size my clothes feel much better and I feel more toned. I love the community spirit at Crossfit everyone in so welcoming, everyone wants to help each other succeed and push to do better. I found you don’t get that anywhere else, the gym was boring and I never pushed myself to the level that crossfit has made me do.
— Kate Satongar
I like coming to CrossFit because of all the fun games that get me really sweaty.
I like learning about eating the right foods to help my muscles grow and keep me fit and healthy.
— Harry Bell
I find all the staff and members extremely friendly and very encouraging. Not something I have experienced at other gyms I have attended. There is no focus on “how do I look” which can be off putting to new members. Since starting at CSC, I have found I have a lot more confidence, not just at CSC but in my everyday life. I feel less stressed in my work place (which has been noticed by my colleagues).
— Sarah Ray
From the expertise and positive attitude of the coaches, to the REAL friendly community feel you get both inside and away from the box, it’s just 2nd to none. Without meaning to sound like somewhat of a cliché, I genuinely do feel part of something amazing and that feeling alone is worth so much.
— Lei Essery