Strongman, or in the case of CSC Strongperson (we have both sexes participating), can be explained as being a weightlifting-based activity that includes lifting awkward objects from the ground to overhead, or onto a platform or even carrying them from point A to point B. Strongman is great for developing core strength and stability that translates into everyday life.

CrossFit Strongman is the integration of strongman movement/energy systems into the constantly varied CrossFit model. This is a perfect expression of “Old School” movements mixed with “New School” programming” the results are staggering

This is the best, and most fun way to increase strength while increasing work capacity across broad and modal domains. In CrossFit, we want a stimulus that is constantly varied so that we never stop progressing in our fitness. This is an optimal situation that is true whether you’re a CrossFit Games hopeful or someone looking to get fit after a lifetime of being sedentary.

Our Strongman movements provide a playground where athletes can test and improve their brute strength while helping their overall fitness level, best of all its fun to do.

You may be wondering if there are any benefits to doing strongman exercises? There are. Like in CrossFit, Strongman exercises challenge you mentally and physically. All the while improving strength, speed, and coordination. Anyone can train for it. That’s because all the exercises can be scaled down or up depending on the individual’s experience or fitness level.

We keep time intervals short and rest periods generous. Heavy strongman exercises are done as strength workouts, not lung-bursting met-cons. Longer rest periods are welcomed when you train during strongman. You don’t want to be picking up heavy weights when you’re breathing so heavily you can’t move. 

Class Timetable

Tuesday 18:00