Paul Shelley

Head Coach Central Staffs CrossFit

My journey in fitness has taken many turns and a complete change of career and passion.  Growing up I played many sports from football to golf, never really excelling in any of them.  I always loved being part of the team, usually taking the role of the hard worker instead of trying to be the “star”.

This mentality has stuck with me, it doesn’t matter if you are the most talented as long as you work hard that’s all that matters.

I worked as a chef for the most part of my working life, until I found my passion for fitness. Having had enough of working long hours, and surviving on 4 hours sleep I decided to have a change of career.

I wasn’t in the best shape when I decided to change, I was carrying a few extra kilos, smoked and enjoyed a drink, but I completely changed my lifestyle. I quit drinking and smoking and sought help and advice from many people in the industry. I contacted a couple of the Gym Jones instructors finding the Gym Jones brand through their work on the 300 spartan film.  I travelled to London regularly to have training off Pieter Vodden but I wasn’t in good shape the warm up killed me and my first attempt at a 2000m row ended after 4 minutes with me being sick.

After time and a lot of hard work I improved and had grown some confidence, it was then I found Central Staffs Crossfit. I remember standing at the door nervous about what I was about to face, but the experience only fuelled my desire to join and be part of the facility.

I achieved my Reps qualifications and took up a position within the box, starting with coaching the conditioning classes and then doing my Crossfit qualification before taking up the Head Coach position in September 2017.

I have a massive desire to learn and gain as much knowledge as possible.  I have been through the Gym Jones Certification process travelling over to Salt Lake City, Utah on numerous occasions and achieving the very high standards and learning what they expect from their instructors, I was 1 of 6 in the UK and 1 of 40 worldwide at that time. 

Most recently taking qualifications in nutrition with Precision Nutrition who work with many MMA fighters and Nike athletes and also British weightlifting with their level 1 course.

Working at Central Staffs is more than just a job to me it’s what I love doing, being a coach isn’t always a glamorous job as many imagine it, it’s late nights, early mornings and in the winter, very cold.  On the mornings I have to wake up at 5am to coach the 6:30 I love it, because I know that I have the chance to help to change someone and impart some knowledge which may make a big difference to their lives.

My biggest belief in the fitness industry is it doesn’t matter how naturally gifted you are, as long as you show up and work hard and focus on your goal anything is possible.

There may be people who have more talent than you, but there's no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do” Derek Jeter

  • Gym Jones - Level 3

  • Crossfit - Level 1

  • Reps Gym Instructor - Level 2

  • Reps Personal Trainer - Level 3

  • Precision Nutrition - Level 1 Coach

  • BWLA - Level 1

Personal Training can be arranged via facebook on the following link: Paul Shelley Personal Training