Niall ovenden

Coach - Central Staffs CrossFit

My journey has only just begun, but Central Staffs CrossFit has already become such a large part of it and am proud to say that they have had a hand in sculpting who I am today.

I initially started my journey at Central Staffs CrossFit in 2014 where I first completed my work experience in High School with no intention of branching into the fitness industry. I later sporadically decided on starting A-Level PE with no prior academic sport knowledge. During this time, it was where I realised, I wanted to play a much more hands on role rather than academic focused.

After completing my A-Levels I chose the path to enrol at the University of Derby to study Strength, Conditioning and Rehab to expand my knowledge further. During my first year at University I reached back out to CSC in order to complete further work experience and found myself shadowing the team until I was given the opportunity to coach and took up an employed role in January 2018, I then went on to complete my CrossFit Level 1 in June 2018. Shortly after I found my passion in weightlifting and I completed my British Weightlifting Level 1 with other members of the CSC Coaching Team.

I am now at the end of my second year at university going into my final year, alongside taking up further hours at CSC, leading the Olympic Weightlifting classes and programming, I intend on furthering my Weightlifting knowledge through completion of the British Weightlifting Level 2 in the foreseeable future.

Movement quality is everything to me and that should always be the end goal. At the end of the day the better you move the better you’ll feel.

At CSC I am provided with the fantastic opportunity to help people achieve their goals and this gives me so much pleasure, whether you are struggling with a niggle or recovering from an injury we will always be able to accommodate your needs as that is always my goal.

  • BSc Strength & Conditioning Rehabilitation (Currently Studying)

  • Crossfit Level 1

  • British Weightlifting Level 1