Newsletter - September 2018

September is here and already we have noticed the nights drawing in again, and temperatures dropping slightly. Remember to enjoy the open air while you can and make the most of your membership now the schools and holidays are out of the way. Please note there will be some timetable changes coming up, so please read the box news to keep up with the changes.

As always we like to kick off our monthly newsletter by announcing our Member of the Month. This month we are please to award it to


Nick has been a member at Central Staffs since June 2017. He came to CSC with an endurance and golf back ground and wanted to get stronger and move well.

Nick has been progressing since he got here and has improved his all around ability. He takes on any challenge thrown at him and smashes his weaknesses.

He recently did the 70.3 ironman held in Stafford on a weeks notice, he said training the mental side of training here contributed to his performance.

Well done Nick on receiving member of the month

Box Updates.png

We are making a few timetable changes 

We will now be holding gymnastics at 17:00 on a Tuesday, and moving Weightlifting to 17:00 on a Thursday.  Now the shorter nights are closing in we will also be putting Strongman on hiatus until next season. 

We have loved the vibes and atmosphere in the workouts lately its been really good to see the community motivating each other. New members and an upswing in the conditioning classes has really created a positive atmosphere. We hope those of you who are new to CSC are feeling part of the group and starting to feel at home. We have potential new members starting our foundations course on the 4th September, so for those of you on the later classes on a Tuesday and Thursday don't be shy, introduce yourself. 

We are proud of our box and want to keep it and the equipment in tip-top condition. When using the facilities, please leave each area as you would expect to find it, if you use it, clean it. Don't forget our community spirit and help others pack their kit away to make it ready for the next class. When we work together, we are a stronger team. On a similar note, keep your eyes peeled for new equipment coming soon to the box. Always making it more exciting and challenging to keep you on your toes.

We would also like to thank everyone who came to the seminar on Sunday 26th August. We had lots of positive feedback from the information we provided. It is our hope that some of the information we passed on will help and improve on your training and take you that little bit closer to your goals. It is important to get your balance right with work and training and that's why we are here, we train, educate, guide and coach. Thank you again to those who took the time out of their day to attend, it means a lot to us that you care and want to learn as well as train hard.


We need your help, it has been a fantastic summer, and we have been aware of many competitions taking place where members of CSC have been taking part. However, we have missed some of the outcomes and really want to share your efforts with our community.

We love sharing your stories and celebrating your achievements, so please let us know, either before or after your event and let us help you promote or celebrate your accomplishments. Inspire others around you to step outside their comfort zone. To everyone who took part in events over the summer, well done and keep doing it.


In our usual way, we will be honouring the fallen with our monthly hero wod. This month is a little different as we are crafting it to suit our very own Paul Shelley. To mark Pauls pending nuptials we have decided that the WOD this month will be a little later than usual, so Paul can enjoy the work out below. 

Hero wod sept 18.png


Starting this month are going to be selecting videos and articles from and recommended by the Crossfit HQ and the Crossfit community. These will be here to reinforce our own CSC methodology with the CrossFit fundementals. We are a huge community and there is always something you can glean from this type of information.

Overweight? You Need to Read This: Our first selection is from Kai Rainey who discusses her dramatic weight loss thanks to Crossfit and shares her 6 part series to help inspire others. - Read Now

I’ve gone from a Size 28 to a Size 6. My waist is smaller now than my thigh was on Day 1. I’ve lost over half my body weight thanks to CrossFit..
Crossfit Weightloss.png

Off the Meds and Reviving Relationships: Dan's Story: Dan Krogstad downed a fifth of whiskey and contemplated driving into the front of a semi truck. But he didn’t, and his life turned around when he found CrossFit. Watch his Story here

Some really inspiring articles from Crossfit HQ, it goes to show that Crossfit has many benefits. Helping build self-confidence and providing an all-important boost to everyday life. If you have any inspiring stories and want to share them with our community, please contact us. Every one has a journey, whats yours?


Most people outside our community won't have realised that we recently celebrated our 5 year anniversary. This was a huge milestone in the CSC story, we have grown from a small community into a thriving family. We have had our little ups and downs but it is all worth it to see what can be achieved by our members when they trust us to do what we do. We love seeing the successes and take pride when people reach their goals. We are sad when people move on and get excited when new members join.

More importantly, we could not do what we do without you. You have all made CSC an amazing place to share our passions and interests, without you there wouldn't be a CSC. That being said, we want your feedback, we want to know your thoughts and we want to know what else we can do to improve your health and fitness journey. This is your community, your facility so tell us what you think. please email us if you feel we can do things better. 

Here is to the future of CSC and we hope you continue to be part if that journey.

Martyn Jennings

Amature Photographer, Father, Part Time Crossfit,