Newsletter - June 2017

We are half way through the year with so much still to come! This month we introduce our new member of staff, tell you about the pending CSC BBQ, promoting our new range of merchandise in the store. We give you a look at the new CSC Gym guide now offered to all those passing our foundations courses. Kaj and Amir will be smashing it up at "Battle for the Midlands". Tell you who's getting down and dirty at "Tough Mudder" in September. Remember all of our up to the minute news is on the team Facebook page, but here is your monthly summary...

This month's member of the month is Danny Gratton.

Danny hasn't been with the crew long but has come through foundations and conditioning and into the CrossFit classes but it feels like he's been with us a lot longer.

Whichever session you find Danny in he'll always have a nice welcome for you whether you're a new or old member and happy to show the ropes to those who are unsure of the warm up.

He's got an amazing attitude towards his training and is constantly trying to better himself and can often be found doing his homework before and after sessions.

Congrats Danny on your member of the month and thank you for being a great member to our community.

We have a few members tackling Northwest Tough Mudder this year :). A majority of people are opting for the "Full" Mudder on Sunday 10th September which is 12 miles and 20+ obstacles and to quote the website "This course features some of the deepest, darkest mud and dense forest in all the UK".

A few meeker members of the community will also be having a go at their first Mudder event and taking part in the "Half" Mudder. the half is only 5 miles and 13+ obstacles also on the Sunday 10th. The Northwest Tough Mudder is taking place on the 9th and 10th September at Cholmondeley Castle. Click the images above for more information.

Members taking part;

Tim Fearnett
Nick Fearnett
Tracey Birchall
Gavin Heath
Paul Ramage
Paul Shelly
Kieran Fallows
Michelle Buckley
James Bastock
Joanne Richardson
Wayne Tomlinson


Martyn Jennings
Katie Jenkins


Coach Kaj Jackson and Amir Khan will be hitting a local competition together on August 19th and 20th.

This is the 5th year of the competition at Unit 22 CrossFit Northampton. The format sticks to previous year and all athletes will complete three workouts on the Saturday and the results from these workouts will categorise teams for the rest of the competition. The remainder of the competition on day 2 will then see the teams battle against each other in their category to win the BFTM Trophy (scaled) or BFTM Cup (Rx’d) titles. 

Why not follow Kaj and Amir and give them some much deserved CSC support. Parking at the venue is limited, but there is plenty of parking around the unit.

Competition Address: -
UNIT 22 Northampton, Rothersthorpe Road Industrial Estate, Rothersthorpe Cres, Northampton NN4 8JD


Wanted to give you all a quick update for the future:

Elliott Brown

As you might have seen that young Elliott Brown has been shadowing some classes and coaching & queuing you guys on movements.

Elliot is currently on placement with us and will be until August 2018!

A little about Elliot:

He is at Bournemouth University studying Sports Development & Coaching Sciences. He has coached for a number of Months at CrossFit Bath 'The Bridge' & shadowed the Strength & Conditioning students down at the University.


Elliot holds two British Powerlifting records with The British Powerlifting Union.
T3 age group in the 60-67.5kg weight class, he holds the record for both the dead-lift and bench press.
In January 2016 he started Olympic weightlifting and has placed second at both the National Students.
Championships 2016 and the National u23’s Championships October 2016. He also competed at 2017 English Nationals

This is great news for you because of Elliot's background but also as you will more than likely have double sets of eyes on you during classes!

He will be learning a lot from the other coaches and be growing with the Team around him, I am sure I do not have to ask that you pay him the up most respect as much as you do to all the Coaches.

Let us keep that high level of decency and respect to others that is what creates such a fantastic atmosphere for us all.

We are having a BBQ!! Sunday 27th August 2:30pm

Its that time of year when we bull out the BBQ, play beer pong, Flip cup and any other crazy games we can think of.  It will cost £5 which you can pay via team up. you will get food and drink and if you want to bring your own, please do. click the button below to book your space.

Bring anyone along, partners people who may be interested in joining crossfit, ANYONE!!

There is no crossfit involved in this evening, just chill out, have a laugh meet a few people you might not of met before at the box.
Just have a good time.


James Ainsworth - Becoming a better you
Saturday 29th July 12:00 - 13:00hrs

James will be holding a seminar on 29th July at the box, James' talk is all to do with empowerment. It's all about positive change, changing your old self & creating something extraordinary.  Topics James will be covering include forgiveness which is huge at the moment with what going on in the world. Also living in the present and positive thinking. The highlight of the session will be covering mind-set, how we believe everything works and how it actually works are completely different.  We aren't controlled by our genes or anything we inherited but by the beliefs that exist within us.  James will also be giving a demonstration on you can change your self limiting beliefs.

The last Friday of every month is our Hero WOD, to book your free place go to teamup by clicking the button below and get involved.

This month we dedicate our hero WOD to

L/Cpl Martin Gill (22)

Gill (22) 42 Commando Royal Marine was shot in Afghanistan on 05/06/11

He joined the Royal Marines in April 2008 and passed fit for duty in May 2009. On completion of training, he was appointed to the Fleet Protection Group Royal Marines. Within a year, he was promoted to Lance Corporal and took responsibility for a four-man team, guarding the UK’s nuclear deterrent.

LCpl Gill deployed with his Multiple as part of a patrol in the area of Adensee in the Nahr-e Saraj (South) district in Helmand province. The aim of the patrol was to assess the atmospherics, meet and talk with local nationals, and disrupt insurgent activity in the area, in preparation for future operations.

The Multiple was an hour into its patrol when it was engaged by small-arms fire from a nearby compound. LCpl Gill was hit and fatally wounded.

We have places available on our next foundations course for September 2017!

Do you want a challenging, friendly and supportive place to become a fitter, stronger and healthier person?
If you would like guidance and motivation alongside an exciting, structured training plan to help you achieve your personal goals and targets then Central Staffs CrossFit is for you.
No matter what your ability or fitness levels, join our fantastic community and find out how much fun improving your fitness can be.

Take the first steps to becoming a better version of you.

xxxx Sessions will run every Tuesday and Thursday starting:

September Sessions will run every Tuesday and Thursday starting:
Tuesday 19th Sept- 8pm - 9.30pm
Thursday 21st Sept - 8pm - 9.30pm
Tuesday 26th Sept - 8pm - 9.30pm
Thursday 28th Sept - 8pm - 9.30pm
Tuesday 3rd Oct - 8pm - 9.30pm
Thursday 5th Oct - 8pm-9.30pm
Tuesday 10th Oct - 8pm-9.30pm
Thursday 12th Oct - 8pm -9.30pm

Discounts are available so contact one of the team at or book your spot via team up at

New Publication - Gym Guide

CSC's latest project has been to help you as members retain information on movements and abbreviations.

We have been in touch with an incredible company and together we have created a Workbook to help you on your journey from Foundations to your first CrossFit Open.

We have developed a 24 page Introduction Workbook detailing all you need to know to build confidence and hit your CrossFit workouts. 

The booklet includes -

  • A break down of all the movements, including all Olympic lifts
  • Definition of fitness
  • Top tips when starting out
  • Nutritional guidance for simple effective changes to your regular diet
  • A PB diary
  • A note book section
  • Friends and Family discount vouchers for 50% off CSC foundations courses
  • Common abbreviations and key words

Click the workbook image to purchase your copy now while stoks last.

New Protein Drinks ..


USN Pure Protein Fuel is a high protein, reduced carb, low fat drink. It is delicious milk-based protein shake, ideal for during or after your workout. Protein offers support for high intensity resistance exercise, assisting in the building of muscle mass and strength through muscle protein synthesis

Battle Oats

We have also ordered a new batch of battle oats, which will be available in reception.


  • White Chocolate Coconut
  • Double Chocolate Brownie
  • Cranberry & Blueberry Fusion




NOCCO BCAA contains BCAA (branched chain amino acids), L-carnitine, green tea with EGCG, caffeine and six different vitamins. NOCCO BCAA is avaliable in three delicious flavours with carbonic acid; Pear, Peach and Red Berries . All products from NOCCO BCAA are sugar-free. Per 330 ml can:

· BCAA 4:1:1 (Leucine, Valine and isoleucine) 2,500 mg
· L-Carnitine 400mg
· Caffeine 180mg
· Vitamin D is 50% RDA
· Vitamin B6 100% RDA
· Vitamin B12 50% RDA
· Biotin 55% RDA
· Folic Acid 25% RDA
· Niacin 40% RDA
* RDA: Recommended Daily Allowance

It was great to see so many Personal bests appear on the board this month, great to see you all pushing yourself and marking your progress for all to see. remember guys, keep up the good work, look after yourself and get the fundamentals right and the PB's will follow. Well done all :)

Martyn Jennings

Amature Photographer, Father, Part Time Crossfit,