Newsletter - October 2016

This month we look back on "Rep it Out", the Central Staffs Cup, we look forward to the darker nights and cold weather and embrace everything that has been kicking off at CSC this month. Remember, for daily CSC news, check out our Facebook page, and for member news make sure you have been added to our Team Facebook page too..


Member of the month is not just about a member that has put the most effort into classes, it is also about people that have contributed to making CSC the place we love to come to. October's member of the month Steph Miskin is such a joy to be around- before, during and after a workout. Steph has an amazing spirit that can lift all those around her and is a pleasure to coach and train with. (Not forgetting the amazing cakes she bakes for CSC events too)! 
Congratulations Steph, very well deserved.

Competition News

Coach Carlie Johns and Beth Lee (Lats and Lashes), TJ Mendez and Tom Hunt, competed at the Rep It Out event on the 9th of October.  The girls managed to make it into the final with an impressive final onslaught. The Girls started the final with a 50 second deficit in a staggered start and managed to claw their way into 4th place on the day. An amazing achievement as the girls were up against 240 athletes, 120 teams and completed 3 qualifiers. TJ and Tom had an equally gruelling time and managed to secure a 35th place finishing position out of 60 male teams. Well done guys.

Rep It Out UK was a same sex partner competition held in the North on Sunday 9th October 2016. Built and designed around a love for fitness and the sport, they worked hard to try and establish themselves back in 2015 as a ‘one to watch’ competition and have set the platform high in the launch of 2016.

2015 saw 200 functional fitness athletes come together and battle it out to become their first year champions. This year they have succeeded in making the event even bigger and so they've had the opportunity to invite more teams down to the arena and compete.

The competition is designed to challenge you whatever your ability. With three qualifiers running throughout June and the top 120 teams offered a place in the final, keep your eyes open for 2017!

OMG, what can I say.. did you attend this event, did you take part? If you did, you know just how well this event went down. Saturday 22nd October saw the inaugural Central Staffs Cup take place and the box was electric. People from all over the country turned up to compete in 4 accessible WODS and one crazy final. Every single person that took part made the event spectacular, fun and engaging. The spectators on the day were loud and enthusiastic. The team at CSC cannot thank everybody enough.

The Winners

The Central Staffs Cup Facebook  page will continue to be updated as we move towards our next event but please stop by and check out all of the videos and photos from the event.

A huge congratulations to Kieran Hart and Francesca Lloyd in Team JST who took home the cup, congratulations guys we look forward to seeing you at the next event.

Again, these events wouldn't be half as much fun if it wasn't for the community, so we must thank every member and every athlete for coming along, giving their all and really making this an event to be proud of. The team at the Central Staffs Cup sincerely hope to see many of you returning to support future events and make each one bigger and better than the last. Thank you.

We are also pleased to announce that the Central Staffs Cup will be holding another event on the 1st April 2017. Incredibly the event sold out within 7 hours, so now we are in the throws of organising a spectacular same sex triples event. Keep your eyes peeled for more information soon.

Central Staffs Cup Vendors

We must say thank you to our vendors too, who were able to offer something a little different for our athletes and spectators.

A huge thank you to Hal and Ben at "Ironbar Coffee" ( who kept most of the  of the team supplied with caffeine throughout the day. Ironbar, like to keep things simple, no chocca mocha lattes or spiced caramel frappuccinos. They just have three super honest fresh coffees. All their coffee is expertly blended by hand and roasted in Nottingham. It was great to have you guys back.

And another massive thank you to Nicki and Sas at "Choose Real Food" ( for the great selection of tasty treats. I saw a few people pop back for seconds :). Inspired by the Paleo/Primal food principles they provide you with sweet and savoury products, which are made with whole foods. All their products are refined sugar and gluten free; many are raw, vegan, dairy free and suitable for people with allergies.

If you are interested in becoming a vendor at our next event please drop the team a message via the Central Staffs Cup Facebook page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



Each month we will be advertising our box accessories that will enable you to progress in both areas of mobility and skill. Our skills classes will help you perfect those movements that hold you back, and enable you to refine your performance. Our mobility classes will help you develop your range of motion and ease the areas that limit you. Our Olympic lifting classes will teach you the fundamentals of lifting with a focus on form and technique. Our 'skill of the week' will enable anyone attending the WOD's to practice the movement standards and progress further towards RX movements. Finally, our strength cycle will let you know which areas we will be concentrating on our strength days and allow you to target specific movements to capture your true percentage on lifts during the weekly WOD's. The table below has been put together to allow you to get the most out of CSC and provide you with as much notice as possible to book on, get involved and target specific areas of self development..

Yes it’s October and the temperature is starting to drop outside of the box and many of us who have trained in the box during previous winter months know it can be a little chilly in the box too.

Feeling cold before your session is not motivating nor is it good for your body. A good warm up period becomes invaluable this time of the year and I wanted to share some of the benefits with you:

What are the benefits of a warm up?

  1. Muscle Temperature Increases: Muscles that are properly warmed up before rigorous activity will be able to contract with more force, and relax at a faster rate after a contraction. With warmer muscles, your body's strength and speed will be increased. In addition, warming up before stretching can assist in helping to prevent overextending a muscle, and thus, causing an injury.
  2. Body Temperature Increases: Properly warming up will cause your body temperature to rise, making your muscles more elastic. Not only will your muscles be better able to perform, but a warmer body temperature can lower the probability of encountering a muscle pull or strain.
  3. Dilated Blood Vessels: Taking the time to warm up forces the blood vessels to dilate. This will reduce the tension that physical activity places on your heart, and increase blood flow throughout your body.
  4. Your Body is Able to Cool Down Faster: Warming up also triggers processes in the body (i.e. sweating, increased breathing rate) that assist in cooling down muscles and joints when they begin to get too hot. By performing a proper warm-up, you can reduce the effect that heat has on your muscles and joints when initially beginning your weight training routine.
  5. Blood Temperature Increases: Similar to your muscles and body, blood operates more efficiently when it is warmed up. As blood temperature rises, blood oxygen levels rise. With a more oxygenated blood stream, muscles receive larger volumes of nutrients and can function at a much greater level.
  6. Range of Motion Increases: By properly warming up, your joints will be more capable of extending safely throughout their full range of motion.
  7. Increases the Secretion of Hormones: When performing a warm-up routine, additional hormones are automatically secreted to provide your body with energy via additional carbohydrates and fatty acids. These additional hormones are crucial for a successful and productive workout.
  8. Increases Mental Focus: When performing a warm-up routine, the mind will enter a state of focus and preparation required for the exercises that you are about to perform. This increase in focus allows the mind to remain positive, relaxed, and with an increased level of concentration.

Now you know why all the coaching team encourages you to warm up, so please make sure you find the time to fit it in to your schedule. Moving forward, over the winter period, if the coaches notice you haven’t warmed up properly we will modify your strength section of the class to prevent injuries. This is not to punish you - but to make sure you all stay safe and participate in classes to the best of your ability.

If you’ve got any questions or need advice please talk to one of your coaches.

See you on the dance floor.



Friday November 25th

Novembers Hero Wod on the 25th November is being dedicated to

" The Sienna May Foundation"

Our member Michelle Whittaker lost her 15 week old daughter to a heart defect, in her honour Michelle has recently set up a charity in her memory. Please click on the link above to make a donation to this worthy cause.

As always, the Hero WOD's are offered as a free class and this will remain the same for the day, however there will be a bucket at the front of the box for anyone that would like to offer a donation.

We hope that as many of you as possible can make it, and lets raise as much as we can for this very worthwhile charity.

The WOD for Sienna May will be held on the 25th November at 3pm.

Community News

We don't normally do this but we like to do our bit to help our community grow and flourish. With that in mind, I wanted to let you know about one of our members who has set up shop next to the box. Our Member Jenna Edensor opened a beauty, hair and training salon in July, and together with Chantelle and Sarah look to offer a wide range of hair and beauty options. Chantelle is currently offering a 10% discount for all new clients so why not take advantage. Price lists are available In reception or why not pop next door and have a chat?

Closing Comments...

Nearing the winter season now Team and this is where all the hard work will pay off come next summer. If you choose wisely now & add longer warm ups in, bigger reps rather than numbers on the bar & spend a little bit of additional time in open gym or post workout time on those niggling issues, you will start to see your 'training' time become more effective. Do Your Homework!!

Let's just remember that as a Team we are stronger if we support, drive others on, high five pb's, cheer and celebrate others success, doing this we will all achieve!

There's room for all of us on the PB board 😉 get yours on there and don't forget to write them down in your diaries!

Team CSC

Martyn Jennings

Amature Photographer, Father, Part Time Crossfit,