Newsletter - September 2016

September, a very important month for CSC. As we approach our anniversary the box continues to evolve. We at CSC have always strived to ensure the environment you train in continues to offer the best possible training methods and equipment. New classes, new membership options and exciting ad-hoc coaching seminars are being offered all the time to help you fulfil your personal goals and make CSC your #1 choice in fitness. Without further delay here is our September Newsletter...

We are pleased to announce Adam Tudor as our Member of the Month. Adam has shown amazing attitude towards his training recently and has been spending a lot of time in open gym working on his weaknesses and improving his mobility and movement despite having a slight knee injury. Adam has shown restraint and a sensible approach towards his training by scaling his workouts when necessary and concentrating on his own rehabilitation.. Through out these personal challenges Adam trains with a friendly attitude and is an excellent training partner. Congratulation Adam, a well deserved piece of community recognition for all your hard work.

Strength Cycle


This month we will be introducing a new strength bias for the next 4 weeks. This months cyle will consist of back squat and strict press with a focus on 1 rep maximum effort.

The Maximum effort days will be testing the 1RM on lifts and you will be able to use the new measurements to correctly calculate your percentages for future workouts and strength cycles.

Competition News

3rd - 4th September

A massive well done to everyone from CSC who competed at the Battle for the Midlands completion earlier in the month. An awesome event with the CSC team smashing it and all getting through to the final day. We are all so proud of those who competed and appreciate all those who made up the cheerleading division. The teams and places are proudbly displayed below. Click the BFTM icon above to read more about the event.

Team Dench but Hench - Carlie Johns and Beth Lee  - 8th Place

Team Tiny but Shiny - Lucie Anslow and Kat Brownlee  - 3rd Place

Team Float like Barbell Sting like a Burpee - Richard Stewart Penwright and TJ Mendez -  12th Place

Team Peanut Butter Jerk me time - Jon Bryan and Dušan Grujić - 9th Place (Trophy Division)

1-4th September 2017

We are excite to announce that next year we have been lucky enough to enter three teams into Tribal Clash, that means 18 members will be traveling to Blackpool Sands, Dartmouth, South Devon next year. So clear your diaries a come with us and be part of the CSC cheerleading squad.

For those of you who are not aware of what Tribal clash is, Click the logo above, but here are a few words from their website....

"This is the toughest team competition out there for amateur athletes. You will never work as hard as you do at Tribal Clash. Your legs will burn, your lungs will burst, your hands will blister. You will drive yourself and your teammates far deeper into the pain cave than any of you have ever been before. You will hurt in ways that you have never hurt before. You may break down emotionally and mentally, only to be picked up by your team mates telling you to keep going. By Sunday afternoon, you will be broken, drained and depleted and you'll love it.. "

Our team line up for 2017, currently looks like this, well done guys, no "Do your homework" and get ready for the event :)

Team One: Dusan Grujic, Adam Tudor, Paul Ramage, Lucy wainwright, Zoe Dudek, Ness James

Team Two: Paul Proudlock, John Sheehan, Emma Sheehan, Mike Chatfield, Michelle B, Emma Wheatley

Them Three: Jonty Bryan, Lucie Anslow, Richard Penwright, Beth Lees, Matthew Plunkett, Carlie Johns

CSC 3rd Anniversary In-house Competition

Saturday 24th September saw the inaugural Coaches Cup take place where 6 teams, all lead by one of the box coaches, lead our members in an fun in-house competition. The event was designed to celebrate the community and give something back to every one of our members. The day finished up with Pauls Shelley's team taking home the cup this year and no doubt he will be back to defend his teams title next year.

The event was rounded out with cake, beers and the worlds largest portion of BBQ pulled pork. We at CSC would like to thank every member of our community, without you we would not exist. Seeing each and everyone of you become a better fitter version of you is inspiring. Your personal challenges and adventures out side of the box spur us on to make this place even better. We hope we never stop evolving and always deliver a community you enjoy being a part of.

Thanks to all of you again. Lets do it all again next year.

Outside the Box

Chris le Ferne - Appalachian Trail

One of members has accomplished something quiet special which we thought we would share as part of our "Outside of the Box" section. Members are free to tell us what they have been up to and this adventure from Chris is worth reading.

"So the trip! 

A 12 man team including myself set off on a 120 mile (3 state) self sustained trek along the Appalachian Trail on the east coast of the USA. Trekking through rich American civil war territory before we left we also visited Gettysburg the site of the famous civil war battle. The hike itself was split into three phases with each phase being identified by the need to resupply off the trail. 

First three days took us from Carlisle to Pine Groove furnace in Pennsylvania where we resupplied on food. Second three days took us from Toms run shelter to Penn Mar park on the Mason Dixon line where we resupplied and crossed into Maryland. Final three days took us from the state line through Maryland to Harper's Ferry in West Virginia. 

On average we were covering 12 - 15 miles a day. Terrain was rocky and tough in many places with high temperatures of 30℃ and humidity as high as 85%. 

Enough food was carried for 3 days which consisted of a cliff breakfast bar, tuna and crackers and a pasta/noodle dinner. Snacks also included trail mix and skittles for that quick energy kick! 

Water was difficult at times as all water came from springs along the trail and at times due to temperatures springs were dry. Water had to be pumped and filtered due to high threat of Giardia on the trail. In total I carried 2 1/2 litres with at least 3 - 4 being drank a day. 

Total pack weight with water and food was just over 20Kg. 

Along the way purpose built wooden shelters provided our homes unless full (due to first come first serve basis) whereby carried tents became our shelter!

That's pretty much it. Amazing but gruelling at times. Great experience and the only injures included sprained ankle you ligaments and a couple of hot spots!"

An amazing achievement well done Chris, it will be good to see you back.

Exciting News : Our next Foundation Course has been scheduled

Do you want a challenging, friendly and supportive place to become a fitter, stronger and healthier person?

If you would like guidance and motivation alongside an exciting, structured training plan to help you achieve your personal goals and targets then Central Staffs CrossFit is for you.

No matter what your ability or fitness levels, join our fantastic community and find out how much fun improving your fitness can be.
Take the first steps to becoming a better version of you.

Sessions will run every Tuesday and Thursday starting:

Tuesday 11th October 8pm - 9.30pm
Thursday 13th October 8pm - 9.30pm
Tuesday 18th October 8pm - 9.30pm
Thursday 20th October 8pm - 9.30pm
Tuesday 25th October 8pm - 9.30pm
Thursday 27th October 8pm-9.30pm
Tuesday 1st November 8pm-9.30pm
Thursday 3rd November 8pm -9.30pm

Contact one of the team at or book your spot via team up at


***BOLT ON***

After a busy summer and some feedback from you all we have created a bolt on membership designed solely for you members who like to drop in on Conditioning every now and again.

This membership has been created as

-10 x Conditioning Classes
-One off payment of £25 (Non members welcome this works out at £2.50 per class)
-Lasts for 60 days

No tie in no monthly contract, easy to bolt onto your current membership.…

We are pleased to announce a series of freesessions to be held at CSC where you can ask a specialist about nutirion, The course will be led by Cara Tissandier. Cara is a qualified Nutritional Therapy Consultant and Primal Health Coach. She is also a Cross Fit Level 1 Trainer, Movnat L1 Trainer and student Yoga Teacher and a Member of the Complementary Medical Association. Originally from Staffordshire she lives and works in the Peak District and trains at CF Buxton. Cara is passionate about nutrition, movement and sleep; the three components she believes are key to optimizing health and wellbeing.

This 6-week programme combines a clean food challenge with nutritional education and group support. The course fee includes: all written materials; a goodie bag; ongoing group support between classes; ongoing instructor support between classes; and supplementary handouts and recipes. Participants in the Clean Food Challenge are not required to buy or use any supplements but will be required to invest in ingredients that they may not already have to hand or usually purchase.

If you want to know more please sign up for one of the free sessions on Team Up.
The free sessions are to be held on the following dates

Wednesday 28th September 7pm - 7:30pm
Wednesday 5th October 7pm - 7:30pm
Thursday 6th October 10:30am - 11am

Christmas Opening Times

I know its a little early, but no reason not to publish this as soon as we know it.

This years seasonal closures will be as follows

The box will be

Open till 12pm on Saturday 24th December
Closed on 25th 26th 27th December
Open as normal 28th to 30th 

Open till 12pm on31st December
Closed 1st and 2nd January

Reopening normal hours on 3rd January 2017.

Closing Comments...

As we said in the introduction CSC is always evolving, and part of that we would like to introduce our new team member Carlie Johns. Carlie will be coaching some classes moving forward so don't be afraid to approach her or ask her anything you need help on. For our members who already know Carlie will agree she is a great role model and it is a huge pleasure to have her on our team.

Martyn Jennings

Amature Photographer, Father, Part Time Crossfit,