Newsletter - May 2016

Hello all, and welcome to the CSC May 2016 newsletter. The sun has made a brief appearance and everyone has been chalking up PB's and nailing those skills. Below you will find information about CSC, upcoming events, previous stories of note and links to various pieces of information. As always CSC members can keep up-to-date on box activities via the members only Facebook page

Member of the Month

This month we would like to congratulate Emily Innes a our member of the month. Emily started at CSC in Feb 2015 and since then has been a regular fixture in the 6:30 morning classes. Emily has made great progress since she started, and in November announced that her and her husband Alex were expecting.

Emily has continued to train throughout the pregnancy and has proved that anyone can do the classes regardless of physical limitations. So congratulations to Emily on your member of the month award, cant wait to have you back in the box.


It is worth noting that Emily has nothing but praise for CrossFit and what we do at CSC, so in an unusual move for our member of the month slot, here are a few words from Emily...

I started at CSC in Feb 2015, and found out we were expecting in late September. We wanted to keep it to ourselves until we had our first scan in mid November but decided to tell Tim and the coaches when I was around 6 weeks so that they were aware for safety.

Firstly they were super excited but secondly they were massively supportive an helped to keep it a secret until we were ready to tell people which is quite difficult to do when I often go to classes with my sister who was at this point still unaware. I wanted to carry on with doing crossfit for as long as possible through my pregnancy and the team were also more than happy for me to do this. At my first doctors appointment I asked if it was ok to continue crossfit and his professional advice was to absolutely keep on doing anything that I had been doing before. At first the only real issue was feeling sick but this got much better after the first 3 months and then I felt great. I never really had a time scale in mind for how long I would keep training for, I thought if I keep booking on and taking each day at a time, even if I just turn up and move around for an hour it's going to help. Who knew I'd still be in doing heavy-ish squats 12 days before my due date.

 CrossFit is perfect for pregnancy as it's so scalable. There is yet to be a day where I've walked in and not been able to do the WOD, with the help of the coaches, and a few small changes. Even now at 38 weeks! I have had no health problems at all during my pregnancy. My blood pressure is always perfect, I've not suffered with back pain or swollen ankles like many other women I know. The midwives always joke when I see them that I'm their easiest appointment and they always ask what I've been doing in the gym and how im getting on (especially after they saw a video of me doing power cleans at 35 weeks) I've also been able to keep my weight gain down. I've only put on around 10lb through my whole pregnancy.

CrossFit helps you to understand your own body. It gives you confidence that you can do things that you once thought you would never do. It also helps you to know when your body isn't happy, if something isn't feeling right you know, and as long as you listen to it I don't think you can go far wrong. We were told at antinatal class that giving birth is the equivalent of running two marathons back to back. Who wouldn't train for that? It's no wonder women who stop exercising whilst pregnant or have never exercised tend to have a much longer more complicated labour and recovery. The support I have received from the coaches and members at CSC has been amazing. I honestly never thought I'd still be there doing what I'm doing so close to the end of my pregnancy. There have been days where it would have been easier to sit at home eating coco pops in my pj's but if I was the type of person who wanted an easy life I wouldn't be doing crossfit would I :)

Introducing Buff Bars


Thanks to PAUL SIMMONS at @RAWnola we are pleased to announce that we are now stocking the new @Buff Bar LTD.

It’s a protein bar just derived from food alone, no powders or chemicals. It has 6 ingredients…..not 30! It has been 2 years in the production and innovation. The guys are in Madrid at #MeridianRegionals at the official launch.

Follow Buff Bar here on Facebook or Instagram

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Gymnastics Workshop - July

CSC are excited to announce a gymnastics workshop in association with hosted by Mark Freeman (@freemantechnique) and Kaj Jackson (@gymjacko) at @csc_centralstaffscrossfit in July.

This workshop is available to anyone

£35 per person (Non members)
£30 per person (CSC Members)

2-3 hours
15 minutes at the end for Q&A

Based on over 20 years of Elite International Gymnastics experience Freeman Technique has designed this clinic to educate all establishments that train CrossFit on the correct focus, when approaching gymnastics training. The clinic will provide key insight as to how to properly physically prepare its athletes and condition the body when tackling gymnastics movements.  The aim is to promote efficiency and avoid injury!


The 5 essential areas - Positions, Strength, Flexibility, Core Stability, Awareness (Body & Space)
 - All are equally important and have an interdependent relationship with one another
- Therefore all need continual maintenance and work all the time

     - By doing this you will be maximizing the amount your body is learning whilst giving your body the sufficient rest it needs. This will ensure the optimal level of improvement. 


 Using the principles from Part 1, we will discover how and why they are put in to practice. 

Some words from Mark Freeman on gymnastic training....

It’s always a challenge getting the message across to people interested in learning gymnastics.  In my experience most people see and want to do gymnastics elements, but haven’t the vaguest conception of the work it has taken to achieve these skills. I have hosted a six week introduction to gymnastics course in the past and have had athletes disappointed that they hadn’t achieved a muscle up by the end, bearing in mind they didn’t attend all the sessions and the only gymnastics they did was during each session I taught.    

Most people are in such a rush to reach their individual goals (Muscle Ups, Toes to Bar Handstand walks), but aren’t prepared to put the work in and try to cut corners and skip necessary steps.  

There is a hard yet inevitable truth … gymnastics training requires time, discipline, persistence, perseverance and as a result, PATIENCE!   

There are not only physical requirements such as, strength, flexibility & agility, but one of the most important factors is a psychological component.  People wishing to develop the skills necessary to embrace gymnastics need to answer yes to the following questions..

Do I have the correct disposition to follow the steps correctly and systematically?
Am I prepared to take a step back in order the take 3 steps forward?
Am I prepared to do seemingly unrelated exercises in order to improve in the long run?
Am I prepared to expand my comfort zones?
Am I prepared to make my weaknesses into strengths?
Am I prepared to eliminate the words, “I cannot do that!” from my vocabulary?
Am I prepared to trust the process.

All these things require discipline, mental strength and stamina.  The willingness to acknowledge and trust the process is the foundation of success!    

I might be a little biased by saying this, but Gymnastics training is one of the most difficult in the world and as such needs to be respected. You are potentially putting hundreds of pounds of pressure though your joints and sometimes asking your body to do things that it simply wasn’t designed or meant to do.    

One of the most fundamental requirements of gymnastics is efficiency. It is essential that you are at an optimal weight in order to perform specific tasks. For instance if you are 50lbs over weight it would be wrong and irresponsible for you to try a kipping muscle up, just from an injury prevention standpoint.  Gymnastics training requires a massive amount of body control and spatial awareness. This takes hours and hours of repetition and training, day in and day out and needs to be continually maintained.  

The point I am making is that there are no quick fixes. There are no magic buttons that once pushed will instantly enable you to perform miraculous feats or manoeuvres.  

However if you are prepared to be patient, take the time required & follow the steps and put the work in, you will most certainly be able to track your significant progress over an extended amount of time.  

You will also find that there will be a lot of positive carry over to other areas of your training. 

I know this isn’t exactly what people want to hear. Perhaps by writing how hard gymnastics is and emphasizing how long it takes to gain success, I might have shot myself in the foot. But that is the point. You have to be prepared to take these things on board and accept these principles in order to reach and surpass your goals.  

If you are receptive to this point of view and willing to take these steps, then you will most certainly be opening the door to unlimited possibilities and scratching the surface of your own boundless potential.

Herowod June

Corporal Jamie Kirkpatrick

Friday 24th June at 15.00

This month’s hero WOD is a very important one for Tim.  Tim served with Corporal Kirkpatrick in Afghanistan and was part of the same regiment the 33/101 Engineers  (Explosive Ordnance Disposal).

Corporal Kirkpatrick was killed by small arms fire in the Nahr-e Saraj district of Helmand province of Afghanistan on Sunday 27 June 2010 aged 32, he is survived by his wife and daughter.

This month’s WOD will be held on Friday 24th June at 15.00.  Please book on the open gym if you would like to participate.


In teams of 3
Row 2000m (Check in)
3 Rounds
60 heavy sandbag cleans
400m sled pull AHAP
60 Tyre Flips
150 slam balls

The new pre-school CrossFit kids classes, coached by our very own Emma Sheehan have gone down a storm, so we are very happy to announce that this will now be a permanent feature on our timetable for the foreseeable future. The popularity of this class has been a little overwhelming and we are booked up for weeks in advance so if your interested in getting your little ones on board please ensure you book. The classes are based around fun activities and are open to any child regardless of their experience, be warned the classes are capped at 7 children and the spaces do fill up quickly. If you need any further information on any of the CrossFit Kids Classes please do not hesitate and contact Emma.

£3.00 For CSC members
£5.00 for Non members

Competition - Body Power Games


A huge congratulations to Scott, TJ and Tom for tackling the body power games held at the NEC event 12th14th May.

The guys competed infront of a 90,000 spectators who attended the event and racked up a very respectable 9th out of 32 teams.

Great to see people from the box throwing themselves into these events when ever they can, great work guys well done.

Closing Comments....

In an twist on the usual comments made by Tim and the Coaches, I wanted to close out this months newsletter. I have been putting this newsletter together each month for the last 12 months (how time flies when you are having fun). The first one written on my IPhone on a plane flying over to the USA for 2 weeks, the rest in various locations at odd times of the day. Its something I look forward to each month and during my recovery enabled me to keep my eye on what was happening at the box, and keep my spirits up.  It truly is great to see how the other members are doing, a way of documenting the changes being made at CSC to benefit each of us, the new classes and this year seeing the member of the month being awarded. So with that in mind I wanted to ask you if there is anything you would like to see in this newsletter. The idea here is to allow non members to see what we are up to, and those who don't have access to our Facebook page have a glimpse of what we do at CSC, and by "we" I mean the CSC community.

So is there anything you would like me to add, things you would like the outside community to see, or is there anything you want omitted from future newsletters? Let me know your thoughts

Regards - MJ

Martyn Jennings

Amature Photographer, Father, Part Time Crossfit,