Newsletter - March 2016

Firstly let me apologise for the late delivery of this months newsletter, I got a little distracted by that bright thing in the sky, but I'm here now so lets crack on.... Spring is finally here and the weather will hopefully turn to our favour, no more scraping ice of the windscreen for a while (or at least I hope so!). February has been yet another busy month with lots of action in and outside of the box.
Remember the members Team Facebook Page will have all the latest and up to date news on what's happening at CSC

Member of the Month


Back in January Sarah came through our Conditioning program hitting the 6AM sessions and battling the cold with coach Paul Shelley, learning the basics and taking time to develop her own personal knowledge of training and understanding how her own body moves. Sarah has really has impressed our Coaches.

Sarah pushes extremely hard and although initially terrified of box jumps like many of us, Sarah is now smashing 60-70 of them during chipper work outs. Sarah's attitude towards training and also towards fellow members is amazing and uplifting.

Sarah has made an effort to talk to as many members as possible to make them feel as welcome as she felt.

We all know how hard it is to make that first class after Foundations, Well done Sarah keep at it you're an inspiration to us all.

Previously at CSC

Marie Jordan and Richard Stewart Penwright smashed it for CSC at the Rainhill Trails with Marie scoring a respectable 8th place overall in the Rastrick division and Stewart placed 12th in Kennedy. Incredible to see these guys progress so fast and so hard. Well done guys, I see more podium places for CSC in the future.

Continuing the events throughout February Richard (again), Tammy, Tom and Carlie tackled the Superhuman Quattro event and came a respectable 23rd out of 110 teams competing. Again the team demonstrating the art of the possible with personal dedication and quality focused programming.

And despite the weather in February, the events and members activity just kept going this time with the Stafford Half Marathon, as you can see from the photo CSC was represented on the day by a gaggle of members taking up the challenge. Well done all who took part great to see you all venturing into other activities and flying the CSC banner.

The CrossFit Open

The CrossFit Open has now concluded and we at CSC are so proud of everyone that took part in the event. The weekends were a hive of activity with members taking part and proving to themselves that they are better than they think, but most of all the support given by the community was something else. Whether you came to support, judge or compete we just want to acknowledge that the effort you made has been noticed and it is very very much appreciated. For those of you doing the open for the first time, we know how daunting this can be to throw your hat in the ring and be scrutinised by a judge, but I hope you see it made you a better version of you by doing it. So again thanks to all who made the open the event it needs to be, we have hopefully captured everyone below who took part. great work guys such an amazing atmosphere and a superb community.

Coming up @ CSC


For a while now you know I have been working on getting something together reference Nutrition. so at your request here it is CSC would like to introduce BUFFBOX.

Don't think this is a nutrition event for elite athletes, this seminar is based around the fundamentals of nutrition for everyone at every level, the guys at BUFFBOX are coming to CSC to deliver an overview of how nutrition works for you, how to understand what you need and how they can help. want to know more about BUFFBOX?

Well, Here is what they do.....

'Right now we live in a world with the best gyms, the most advanced training methods and in-depth performance data – but so many people still don’t take nutrition seriously. Fad diets, poor nutritional advice and bad quality foods stop athletes from unlocking their true performance potential. Buff Box is changing all that.'

'We don’t follow set plans or provide off-the-shelf solutions. We know that each athlete is unique and we treat them that way. So our team work intimately with every single client to understand their body, learn how they react to different nutrients and discover what makes them tick to create a tailored nutrition plan. But this is only the beginning. The real results come as we work closely with our clients to build up an intricate knowledge of how their bodies function through testing, feedback and observation.'

These are the lead Nutritionists in the UK and sponsor Samantha Briggs and Steven Fawcett along with many others

Here is what we have set in place:

We have been lucky enough to fit into their busy schedule for a base level informative seminar on how you guys can better support your goals through Nutrition.

Saturday 30th April
**14:30 - 18:30**
** £35 **
** 30 x Places available **
** Free meal Included **

**First come first served all booked through Team Up as a Class **

The Staffs Classic

Remember guys we have the Staffs Classic coming up on the 16th April, this means the classes on that day will be not be operating as normal. The event is, as always expected to be a humdinger. the details of the event can be found by clicking the image above and going to the event Facebook page. However the event is looking for volunteers to help out on the day. if you are available and want to be part of the day let one of the coaches know or drop Tom a message via the page. We will also be placing a volunteer sheet in the reception area so take a look and see where you can help.

The day will be about supporting the athletes and ensuring that the community gets stuck in and cheers on everyone taking part. If the previous event is anything to go by this will be a spectacular day so get involved, stop by to support or help promote the event. We look forward to seeing you all there :)

New Members

We would also like to remind everyone that we have been running a new foundations course throughout March, so keep an eye out for the new members attending the classes in the coming weeks. as always at CSC we would like to send out a warm welcome to our new community members and hope you get what you want out of your chosen membership. Please keep your eye on the timetable for what classes we have and new additions to the timetable. welcome all, have fun and most of all enjoy yourselves.

Closing Comments....

Well guys, what a hell of month March has been!

You have all absolutely killed it this last month and I and the rest of my Team cannot wait to see you keep progressing towards your individual needs. From the Open to external Competitions, to people achieving what they thought would be impossible or a hard challenge so had been put off doing it. (The Stafford Half Marathon) Great to see so many of you hit this this year!

Summer is around the corner and outside WOD's are creeping up on us I am sure a lot of  you cannot wait to train in the sun and soak up that Vitamin D, so keep up the hard work throughout April & May as we have so many exciting things coming your way with Nutritional Experts to talk about your foods and Diets, to New Classes and New Equipment ;).

Cannot wait to see you guys on the dancefloor!



Martyn Jennings

Amature Photographer, Father, Part Time Crossfit,