Newsletter - February 2016

Hi all, and welcome to the February newsletter. The nights are slowly getting lighter and the chill in the air is on its way out (optimistic, but we can hope). As always check out the team Facebook group for the most up to the minute news, events and achievements. Right lets get started...

Member of the Month

So the second month of the year and the Coaching staff have awarded the member of the month to...

Tom has really taken an active role in everything CSC has to offer, he manages to hit every class, he is consistent in both maintaining his form but also getting the most of his training. Tom Has been involved with everything , Strongman, Gym Jones, CrossFit sessions an Barbell too. He is a constant barrel of energy that people can fed off with his enthusiasm, Tom is always supportive of everyone and is a real community team player.

Well done Tom, keep up the good work this is really well deserved.

Previously @ CSC


Carlie Johns participated in the Wild West Winter Slam Competition in Gloucester on February 7th 2016.

Carlie stepped in to help out Sara Fenton and Sian Peters from Second City CrossFit in a collection of 6 gruelling WODS.

The girls came 15th overall and by the looks of it had great fun in the process, well done ladies.




TJ Mendez took part in the Throwdown at CrossFit Pen Y Bont on Sunday 21st February competing against 50 other competitors, but as of this point we are not sure of his final Placement.

TJ has been very consistent with his training and is becoming a regular feature at the box, one member to watch over the coming months. Well done TJ for representing CSC at an event, keep up the good work

Looking Ahead @ CSC

The CrossFit Open

The CrossFit open is upon us and from the 25th February for 5 weeks boxes from around the world will see thousands of members compete to earn their rankings against one another. The open is designed to be accessible by everyone at every level, teens to grandparents. Here at CSC we want and urge every member to take part in this event. The CrossFit open is a way for you to draw a line in the sand, see where you'd rank against your peers and members of your community, if nothing else this enables you to see where you rank worldwide and then next year see if you can improve on your position.

There are many reasons why you think you shouldn't do the open, but we would really urge you to take part.

If you think your not good enough, well you are! you're better than you think you are and this gives you the opportunity to prove this to yourself.

It's an opportunity to have some fun alongside other members and other people at other boxes. CSC will be offering free sessions to any member who wants to take part in the event. You can come and cheer on other people taking part, learn from their approach and surprise yourself at what you can achieve under competition rules.

It gives you a taste of what's its like to compete: If this is your first foray into competitions this is "you against yourself". You can set yourself goals and benchmark your performance against others without the pressure of performing at a competitive throwdown. You have nothing to lose if you take part and everything to gain

The Open also lets you appreciate what the best of the best have to achieve in order to make it to Regional's and the ultimate competition,the CrossFit games. Its a way to feel immersed in the events, understand the pain thresholds and appreciate the effort involved with completing Cleans, Snatches, Double-unders etc.  

So how can you get involved at CSC
You have from Friday to Monday each week to perform the WOD with any qualified judge.

Every Saturday at 11:15 there is a free class for those who want and are free to do it with the community…/e/5129339-the-crossfit-open-wod/

Friends & family are welcome to watch and cheer you on, but more importantly, those who have entered want YOU to come and cheer them on too. If you're free, get down to support.

All those able to judge are encouraged to help out on a Saturday, the community needs the community.

We will have a  whiteboard in reception that will be updated with all those taking part so you know who you are cheering for!

We have one of the largest UK member base in the UK and it would be good to see as many of you as possible representing yourself and CSC in this event. If you have any questions at all, please see any of the coaches who will be happy to assist you.

CrossFit Foundations

We are pleased to announce the March dates for the CrossFit foundation. Completion of these classes will enable you to book on and participate in the CrossFit classes hosted at CSC.

Tuesday 22nd March - 8pm - 9:30pm
Thursday 24th March - 8pm - 9:30pm
Tuesday 29th March- 8pm - 9:30pm
Thursday 31st March- 8pm - 9:30pm

Staffs Classic Mixed Sex Competitions

After the success of the Staffs Classic held in January, we are please to announce that there is another competition planned for April 2016.

Saturday 16th April -  mixed sex RX "pairs" event

As before the event will focus on accessibility, fun and powered by Bulldog Gear. The competition will require the participants to be familiar with the movements standards laid down by the Staffs Classic team

The event will continue deliver a quality event to the competitors and as always have some great prize packages as well as being be supported by Central Staffs CrossFit community and coaches. add to that the addition of a well known DJ the event promises to deliver some great atmosphere during the day.

Advanced/heavy movements will be low reps or not all athletes will have to complete the movements, this allows those just breaking into RX competitions to compete comfortably. For more details on the event visit the Staffs Classic Facebook page by clicking the image above.

Box Accessories

Strongman & Conditioning Classes

The winter months, dark nights and bleaker early mornings have see the strongman and conditioning class numbers drop significantly. Hopefully word of these classes will get out to non members of CSC and inspire others to take a serious look at how they can improve their fitness and wellbeing by attending one or both of these great classes. We know the cold weather isn't the most attractive thing to drag you to the box, but remember being prepared for anything can really improve your adaptability. Its even better if you can drag someone with you. Spread the word about CSC to your friends, family, work colleagues and anyone who's willing to listen how you got into shape and why your full of energy. you don't need to have completed the CrossFit foundations to take part in any of the sessions listed below so anyone can come along and have fun. Make the most of your membership, use it as often as possible, try some new classes have some fun in the process.

Conditioning Classes - Monday, Wednesday and Friday @6am & 6pm (60 Minutes)
Strongman Sessions - Thursdays @ 7:30pm (90 Minutes)
Gym Jones - Sundays @ 9:30am (90 Minutes)

Closing Comments...

Its cold people!! Man I have been finding it harder and harder to get out of bed knowing that its -3 outside, the thought of the cold steel or a 400m farmers carry personally doesn't fill me with joy. However I have to say during these cold months I have found the hardest thing to do is walk through that door. Once I have manned up and dragged my sorry behind into the box, its just like any other great session at CSC; Warm, welcoming and as gruelling as ever. The coaches have to attend the box regardless of how many of us members actually show up and you know they love the banter and seeing us all work hard, so make sure you make their efforts in providing top notch coaching worthwhile. 

So my closing comments for February, "Brrrrr!, it can only get better".

~ MJ




Martyn Jennings

Amature Photographer, Father, Part Time Crossfit,