Newsletter - November 2016

This month we look ahead to some changes to the class line up in the new year, celebrate the achievement's of our members at some competitions, and as always honour our member of the month.

As always up to the minute news can be found on the CSC facebook page. so lets kick off...


This month we have all agreed and voted that our member of the month is non other than Drew Buckley.

Drew is a quiet Character but those who have had the pleasure of training with him know how positive he can be to be around. Drew is patiently working hard, coming to the classes early and making sure he is warmed, mobilised and ready for each session. Drew is making visible progress in all areas of his fitness and regularly attends open gym. This is a shining example to all that hard work yields results.

Great work Drew!!

Christmas Opening Times

This years seasonal closures will be as follows

The box will be..

Open till 12pm on Saturday 24th December
Closed on 25th 26th 27th December
Open as normal 28th to 30th 

Open till 12pm on31st December
Closed 1st and 2nd January

Reopening normal hours on 3rd January 2017

Competition News

Battle of the Beasts

This year we had our very own Coach Carlie Johns attend the battle of the beasts competition held at the Crown Plaza Resort in Colchester. Battle of the Beasts is a single day European event, this competition has been proven as one of the largest & most exciting events on the calendar and one not to be missed.

Carlie completed the 3 online qualifiers and qualified 74th. After a gruelling day battling athletes from across Europe, Carlie managed to claim an 18th place finish!. Absolutely incredible, we are so proud to have been part of her fantastic achievement, well done Carlie and keep up the great work. .

Form Fitness Series

Coach Lucie Anslow and Member Thereze Stenestam took part in the Form Leeds functional fitness series in the Same sex Female RX category. The girls did us proud and came home in 11th place. Well done girls and good luck in the other competitions you have planned later in the year.

Form Fitness.png

CSC Stamp.png

We are pleased to announce our next foundations courses for anyone wanting to give us a go. There are 8 sessions over January and February and can be booked via team up.

Foundations is spread over 8 separate sessions and is fundamental to carry out all exercises correctly and safely. We teach you the basic elements and mechanics of all 9 movements of CrossFit and how to perform each and every movement correctly. We also teach you many more types of exercise performed within our workouts and many different supporting skills.

Over these 8 sessions we will gently build up your confidence not only in your own ability, but also in your movements and knowledge of training. This will enable you to hit our Main CrossFit WOD's confidently and safely. Click on the timetable link above, create an account and select courses from the menu. our next sessions are:

Tuesday 17th January 2017
Thursday 19th January 2017
Tuesday 24th January 2017
Thursday 26th January 2017
Tuesday 31st January 2017
Thursday 2nd February 2017
Tuesday 7th February 2017
Thursday 9th February 2017

If you have any questions or concerns please contact CSC on 01785245969


"December 2016"

Each month we will be advertising our box accessories that will enable you to progress in both areas of mobility and skill. Our mobility classes will help you develop your range of motion and ease the areas that limit you (see the note below for our upcoming changes). Our Olympic lifting classes will teach you the fundamentals of lifting with a focus on form and technique. Our 'skill of the week' will enable anyone attending the WOD's to practice the movement standards and progress further towards RX movements. Finally, our strength cycle will let you know which areas we will be concentrating on our strength days (Mon, Tue and Fri) and allow you to target specific movements to capture your true percentage on lifts during the weekly WOD's. The table below has been put together to allow you to get the most out of CSC and provide you with as much notice as possible to book on, get involved and target specific areas of self development.

Draft Matrix.png

Cara Tissandier

Many of you already know Cara via her amazing Primal Peaks Health seminars held at the box earlier in the year, where she spoke about her Clean Food Programme.  For those unaware of the success of this programme, the first Clean Food Programme completed on Tuesday 22nd November with major success. The feedback has been extremely positive. 

Results so far…. Average results of all participants who have completed a feedback form:

13% improvement in overall relationship with food
15% improvement in quality of sleep
12% improvement in mood
9% improvement in the ability to manage stress
13% improvement in energy levels throughout the day
14% improvement in digestive health
 8% improvement in muscle mass / strength (based on gym performance)
 5% average reduction in bodyweight
2% average reduction in hips/waist/thigh measurement
 6% reduction in systemic blood pressure

 THIS IS IN ONLY 21 DAYS!!! Imagine if continued for 3months, a year, a lifetime!! 

Due to the success the next programme will start Tuesday 10th January 2017 so please feel free to contact Cara about the programme being held at CSC.

In addition to being at the forefront of health and wellness at CSC, we are also very excited to announce that Cara will be around a lot more in the coming months. To help during staff shortages Cara will be coaching the 5pm and 6pm WODs on a Friday and will be taking over the mobility classes on Fridays through December.

Cara plans to run a series of mobility tests this coming Friday (2nd) to determine your baseline mobility in angels, hips and shoulders/thoracic. The following three Fridays will then focus on each major area: ankles, hips & shoulders along with some ancillary work for building a strong but mobile foundation.  

As well as her CF L1, Cara is a Yoga teacher and Natural movement coach having completed her Movnat L1 Certified Trainer qualification in 2015.

As an introduction to those of you wo are yet to meet Cara, we asked her to pen a few words about herself....

About me..

"Whilst living in Abu Dhabi working as a Sustainability Consultant my eyes were opened to the path my life was on and decided to change it. I switched to a primal diet and started exercising (something I hadn’t done in earnest since at school!). I fell in love with CrossFit in 2014 after a box opened up near me and I decided to give it a go. The box was CrossFit Yas and the team of coaches ended up placing third at the CrossFit Games in 2016. To say they were inspirational doesn’t really do it justice.  Through the diet and exercise, not only did my body composition improve, my mood lifted and my anxiety disappeared. I decided I wanted to help others realise their health potential and embarked on a three year journey to change my career.  I completed my Nutritional Therapy Consultancy training along with the Primal Blueprint Health Coach certification in 2014. I completed my CF Level 1 and Movnat L1 in 2015 to provide me with the skills needed to help others move better. I returned to the UK in March 2016 to complete my Yoga Teacher training and to set up my new career as a Health Coach. Nutrition, movement and stress management are the three key components to optimum health. Learning to undo 30years of sitting at a desk job and sitting on a sofa is going to take some time but by surrounding myself with those that also want to improve makes it that much easier to do.  Since July I have been coaching in CrossFit Buxton and started running the Clean Food Programme in September. Its success has been overwhelming and I can’t wait for it to start back up in January. I have used CSC as a drop in for a few years now and I am very happy to be joining such an awesome community!"

I Hope you will all join me in giving Cara the usual CSC welcome and making her feel part of the ever expanding CSC family.

Hero wod Nov - Dec.png

This months Hero WOD is Dedicated to Lcpl Daniel Cooper (21) 3rd Battalion The Rifles, who died in an explosion in Afghanistan on 24/01/10. Also dedicated to Peter Aldridge, Cpl Lee Brownson, Luke Farmer, Capt Daniel Read, and Robert Hayes who died in the same month.

Please book on for this free WOD via team up. Held on 30th December @3pm

CSC Store

Following on from the success of the CSC Beanies, we now have another exciting addition to the CSC Store

We are now proud to offer you Women's Leggings at £35. These have been in development for a while and if you need a second opinion contact coach Carlie (@Carlie_1) who has already put these through her paces.

To get your hands on these exclusive items, please order by clicking on the image above to take you to our store on Team up!

*Orders must be in before the 8th of December to get them before Christmas!

Closing Comments...

Echoing Tim's words in a message on the blog earlier in the month (Link to "a few words of encouragement") every step we take no matter how small means we are still all better than we were yesterday. Everyone who steps through the door at CSC has made a decision to become part of a bigger family. The community and its support for others continues to surprise me. Watching the community come together in a class, through out our monthly Hero WOD, or at a competition supporting others is truly inspirational.

As a community continue to support others in their CSC adventure, celebrate all wins, including the little ones as to some these are huge mountains.  The next few weeks at CSC we will be eagerly awaiting the return of Coach Emma and Head coach Kaj and I am sure you will all join me in wishing them both a speedy recovery.

Martyn Jennings

Amature Photographer, Father, Part Time Crossfit,