A few words of encouragement

Members of CSC and anyone else who can relate to this,

I do not do this often but of late, we have had many of our member’s mention in passing to a coach that they under achieved or went home unsatisfied with themselves or their performance.

We are all different and need to take each day in our stride, the smallest of steps still count & mean that we are still better than we were yesterday. You have to think of the positives and not the blips or the bumps along the way. All routes take detours and keeping positive is vital.

Always remember you have such great, positive people around you. There will be times where you don’t see your own progress, only that of other people around you. ‘Oh look Fred has another PB on the board’, Be supportive of every success in the box, but make sure you damn well write your success on the board too - big or small! For many, 1 press up is still 1 more than yesterday!

There is a certain level of training required for health and well-being not just physically, but mentally too. Each person has a different goal and path, whether it’s a slimmer waistline, or to play sports recreationally or professionally. These objectives require an ample amount of training but also adequate rest.

Over training can be an issue when you first start. You have so many things you want to work on, and will spend far too much time on them to the point you beat yourself up when you struggle to achieve them. I didn’t get that 45kg snatch today so I’m coming in tomorrow to do more snatch! –Whereas, it would be wise to move on and concentrate of strengthening balance or a breakdown element of the movement or even move onto something completely different.

Understanding sensible scaling is as important as taking rest when your body is telling you to. That means just because it says 50/35 on the board, you do not have to do it at that weight because it’s just within your capabilities, I promise you will always achieve more by ‘leaving the ego at the door’ and going lighter knowing that your technique and form will improve as a result. Avoiding injury is key to a successful and steady training program. This will see you succeed every day going away better than yesterday, and more importantly, pain free.

Remembering that everyone is different and has different strengths & weaknesses when setting little personal goals can be a small but very effective guide to achieving things more often. We have all had the old SMART targets chat with a business friend where they explain the ins and outs of achieving a goal. Don’t laugh, its true! You should take that advice onboard but put them in place in your own training become more effective for yourself.

Following your goal setting.... stay the course stick it out. Don’t sell yourself short, you owe it to yourself. I have found this to be a common path:
- You decided you needed to make a change in your life, great. ‘High five!’
- You then made a decision to start fitness amongst fellow members in a supportive, positive,
none judgmental environment at CSC. Another ‘High five’
- But then found out it is tough mentally as well as physically, so you start to doubt your own
ability, progress, even start telling yourself your under achieving and your self confidence
- You start to compare yourself to others.

This is the slippery slope we are trying to prevent you from falling down. At this point you must
remember it is your journey and to look back and see how far you have already come. This is why we encourage recording of workouts and weights, but also to look at previous videos or even maybe private photos you took prior to making the decision to join. The next step we would hugely encourage you to take a look around you but in a different light, not comparing but actually taking in your surroundings of the positive people you have met who have had such an effect on your life and helped you to achieve everything so far.

Trust the process, stick to the programming. Sporadically changing your training sounds ‘constantly varied’ but it often prevents you from working on the things you don’t like or cannot do. Hours of time goes into programming; you will reap the rewards when you stick it out.

The last thing I am going to cover is something we all know and can relate to....

STAY POSITIVE! We have all had troubles or moments where life gets super tough, I promise you that in each moment they crop up, it is the people around you that help you through, every single member of CSC is strong minded. You walked in and joined, that is strong enough for me to know I can look at each and every one of you to help brighten my day - don’t forget that!

Next time you are in maybe say hello to someone who looks a little shy or that you may have not met yet or trained with, or go and make conversation whilst doing the warm up.

Just never doubt your progress or tell yourself you have under achieved you are all incredible

Strong, super strong CSC!

See you all on the dancefloor!

Love Tim

‘Be supportive of every success in the box’
— Tim Fearnett