Newsletter - January 2016

We've entered 2016 with a bang. Hopefully the festive season delivered you all what you wanted. As always we keep you informed with all the hot topics and box news on a daily basis via the members Facebook group page, but for all our non members and those wanting to try something new and see what we are about, I present the January newsletter, here goes....

Member of the Month

As always we like to put our members first in everything we do, and that includes the blog. Without any further delay, we would like to bring attention to our January Member of the Month

Jenna took up PT with G to help with knowledge on food and to further her knowledge with her own personal goals and movement struggles.

She has always been a great uplifting character from the day she joined, lifting others when they are low, there is never a dull session when she is on the class. Always high fiving and fist bumping other members at the end of every session and celebrating other peoples achievements!

Her character really came out during our Christmas WOD and was so supportive to new members as others were to her when she was new. Her character and drive has helped others in their efforts and she really has become a part of the community, ever since joining Jenna has been willing to put herself out for others, help others scale their options or just to lighten the mood on any occasion.

Big well done from all the Coaches here at CSC.

Previously @ CSC

Strongman Sessions

If you haven't noticed, that includes the return of CrossFit Strongman sessions. These will now be on a Thursday evening, 1930-2100. The sessions will be split between technique training and a workout. Strongman is seen by many as the application of CrossFit to everyday life; lifting things not conveniently shaped like barbells! Want to learn how? Come and join us this week to try something new and broaden your skill base.

Staffs Classic Competition - 23rd January

Firstly, I am going to blow our own trumpet here and big up CSC coach Tom Hunt, an amazing day Tom well done buddy.. The event held on the 23rd at CSC was one of the best organised and fun events I have had the pleasure of attending. Everything CSC gets involved with just comes with that sense of quality, attention to detail and passion. I think that was reflected by the event and I cant wait to see more from the team in future events.


I wont laud the event as I think the feedback we have seen is testament enough, but what I will say is the Tom and his team put on a great show, all athletes involved were humble and masters of their ability and really did everyone proud. There is a link to the photos taken by Active Stills below so be sure to check out the days effort, and congratulations to our winners "Lats and Lashes", Team Superlatraps", "Strong Blondes", Tuff & Puff", David & Goliath" and "Axe &Daggers"

Staffs Classic Photos 2015 Link

Well done to all of out podium teams, great effort look forward to seeing you at the next one.

Well done to all of out podium teams, great effort look forward to seeing you at the next one.

Looking Ahead @ CSC

Additional Strength Day Classes

Due to popularity of the Strength days in the evenings we have decided to trial a late class to see if this fits with peoples programs lifestyles and helps to ease the pressure off the wait lists.... We are also pleased to announce that this has been made possible by Hassan Ali who as accepted the position of Coach on those evenings.

Please note, this additional class will replace the late evening "Open Gym" on Mon - Wed - Fri

Late evening "Open Gym" will continue to run on Tues & Thurs - 20:00 - 21:00.

Monday - 20:00 - 21:00
Wednesday - 20:00 - 21:00
Friday - 20:00 - 21:00

There will also be another class added to the schedule -
Friday - 19:00 - 20:00

Steph Owens Barbell Club

Steph Owens Barbell Club is returning this month, The dates and times are listed below: All sessions are open to Non Members.

Wednesday 27th January - 7pm - 9pm...
Wednesday 10th February - 7pm - 9pm
Saturday 20th February - 8am 10am
Wednesday 24th February - 7pm - 9pm
Saturday 5th March - 8am - 10am
Wednesday 9th March - 7pm - 9pm
Saturday 19th March - 8am - 10am
Wednesday 23rd March - 7pm - 9pm
Saturday 9th April - 8am - 10am
Wednesday 13th April - 7pm - 9pm
Saturday 23rd April - 8am - 10am

Each session will run for 2 hours, price per session remains at £15.00, 4/6/8/10 pack lifting passes are also available. Sessions are now on team up so go get yourselves booked on

Please note guys that Steph makes a 150 mile round trip and for this reason requires there to be a minimum of 4 on a Wednesday Club & a minimum of 5 of Saturdays for the club to go ahead, 

This is a huge shame as she loves CSC and all the members she has met.

We have an amazing opportunity to have her coach at our establishment so if you want to learn how to lift correctly and understand bar movement quality then there is nobody better than Steph on her speciality classes.

Their is also 2 Competitions on Wednesday 27th April and Saturday 30th April
for which more details will follow.

Foundations Courses

We are excited to announce our next foundations course which has been set up for the New Year smile emoticon...

Dates & Times

Tuesday 26th January - 20:00-21:30
Thursday 28th January - 20:00-21:30
Tuesday 2nd February - 20:00-21:30
Thursday 4th February - 20:00-21:30

This could be a great opportunity for any friends or family to embrace a change in their current lifestyle for the coming year and to make 2016 a fit and healthy one.

We only offer 12 spaces per course so if you know of anyone keen to see what CrossFit is all about then get them to give us a call and book a FREE Taster on 01785245969.

Please ask them to visit and create a login account. Once they have a login this will give them access to view our timetable and all the classes we offer.

There will be discounts available therefore please speak to our team who can sort you out with the right deal for Christmas bookings.
We would greatly appreciate you sharing this post with all friends and family.

Box Accessories

PT with Georgina Gabriel

In addition to working hard as a coach at CSC and incorporating her methodologies into the daily workouts, Georgina (G) is also one of the coaches offering PT to members.

A few words from G about her approach...

The focus of my practise is movement and takes elements of yoga, functional fitness, CrossFit and contemporary dance.

We were born movers, unfortunately our lifestyles have lead us in such a way that movement becomes very restricted,  we no longer have desire to use our bodies for what was intended. It is time to stop abusing the most important tool we have and find out what it is capable of. 

I believe in change, this means always trying new things, sports/ activities / adventures you name it. Lets constantly give our bodies new stimulus to promote a positive outcome whether that be for a specific goal such as a change in habit or just to stay motivated.  Create an unstoppable engine, build a strong, mobile, unbreakable base, then challenge it by exposing it to stuff that makes you happy.  One life, One Body, Keep living it and keep moving.

Georgina offers personalised training sessions to ensure you get the best out of your time and develop using her experience, dedication and rounded approach to mobility and fitness in general. For more information visit the website link above or contact her directly.

Closing Comments...

Well what a blistering start to 2016, I thought this would be a short sharp newsletter!

Please look out for more updates, classes, space changes, equipment & coaches, there is so much more on the way. CSC are always trying to provide the best for you all!

As always, keep doing what your doing, respect the box, other members, equipment and your own abilities and 2016 will continue to yield the results you're after.

Regards - MJ

Martyn Jennings

Amature Photographer, Father, Part Time Crossfit,