CSC - The Evolution

Central Staffs CrossFit is Evolving...

We are nearing our 2 year anniversary, and with it we are bringing in some fantastic new opportunities for our members and non-members alike.
Much like you as individuals the box is evolving and we are looking to offer you more than just CrossFit sessions.

As you are aware we have recently hosted a very successful barbell club with the awesome Steph Owens. Many of you have developed your technique, gained confidence and surpassed your own expectations and we at CSC are very proud of what you have achieved. So as part of our on-going commitment to you and your development, we are expanding; as you may have seen we have knocked through into next door and are proud to announce we are opening up over 2500 square feet of floor space to enable you to participate in some exciting new classes. The classes on offer will be supplemental to your membership, but will hopefully provide you with training variations that appeal to your specific strengths or weaknesses.

CrossFit Strongman

One of the classes we are now able to offer as a supplement is CrossFit strongman hosted by Tim latter. For those who don’t know about CrossFit strongman, it is a method of training that employs old school movements (farmers carry, Keg lifts, dumbbell movements, tire flips) and presents these in the new school programming we are familiar with. It is by far the most fun way to increase your strength while increasing your work capacity across broad time and modal domains. In other words, provides you a playground where you can improve strength while helping overall fitness. Strongman employs odd shapes and sizes, and because you’re presented with a constantly changing field of play, it allows you to adapt and make quicker adjustments to new situations and by default helps you respond more favourably to unfamiliar situations safely. The Strongman taster sessions are included as part of your membership throughout September, but will then be offered as a supplemental session at £5 for members or £10 for non-members. More on this later.

Competitors Classes

In addition to strongman, we are now pleased to announce a competitors class starting on the 6th October which will be held every Tuesday evening between 7:30pm and 9pm. These classes will be capped at 12 and will alternate each week between the extension and the original unit making sure you utilise all of the equipment and the new lifting area. The classes will look to build a better athlete and will focus on bespoke conditioning and techniques specific to competition via highly challenging but scalable WODs. This class looks to build on the knowledge and skills you have acquired in the main CrossFit sessions and elevate your conditioning to allow you to compete against others confidently and proficiently. The class is aimed at members who wish to take their game to the next level.

The competitor’s class is in addition to your current membership and can be in the following options:

One month £25
Two Months £45
Three Months £60
Drop in session £10

The packages are open to non-members, package purchases will entitle non-members to membership discounts on other supplemental classes offered by CSC . However in order to sign up for this class you must have competed in a competition in the last 6 months or have signed up for an upcoming competition.

Strength and Conditioning

We haven’t quiet finished, from the 5th October, we are also going to offer strength and conditioning classes. Based on the principle that workouts should be fun, easy to do and accessible our conditioning classes utilise the principle of fitness interval training and resistance training to maximise caloric output, fat burning and total body conditioning. A high intensity style circuit session using a creative mix of kettlebells, gymnastics, weights and other functional drills. Everyone and all abilities welcome, you DO NOT have to have done any foundations to attend this class. The class will be capped at 12 people and will be run every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6am - 7am. So don't delay, create your profile and secure your place now.


New Membership Options

To help you manage all these extras we are offering, we are introducing two new membership levels. Click the links for more details.

Platinum and Platinum+ Membership

Platinum Membership allows you:
 Platinum Membership allows you:
Unlimited WOD Classes @ 1 per Day
Complete Unlimited Open Gym
Also access to:
ONE additional Class per week. e.g: (Strongman/ Competitors/ Gymnastics/ Mobility)                      

Platinum + Membership allows you:
Unlimited WOD Classes @ 1 per Day
Complete Unlimited Open Gym
Also access to:
TWO additional Classes per week. e.g: (Strongman/ Competitors/ Gymnastics/ Mobility)


CrossFit is more than just keeping fit, its a community, a family and better still its a greatway to improve yourself and be a better you. CrossFit is for everyone at all abilities, so don't be put off by off by the unknown. If you're looking for the machines, look no further, you are the machine...

If you're still not sure about CrossFit or anything else we do here at CSC, take a look at the video below, then why not give us a call. Come down, meet the coaches and sign up for a taster session.

CSC - "More than just a box"