Newsletter August 2015

Welcome to the August 2015 Newsletter; remember you can still find all of the box news in the member's only CSC "Team" Facebook page, where you are free to discuss the board, the workouts, personal and group achievements and post your pictures for all to enjoy. So here we go...

Previously @ CSC

OreCrossfit 4th July 2015

Lucie Anslow tackled the Telford throwdown with 3 other team mates, 2 from CrossFit Wolverhampton, and one from OSP in Cannock. The team competed in 3 wods, coming first in wod one; the heat consisted of the men rowing for maximum calories for 6 minutes while the girls completed 20m runs with prowlers until the time ran out. The guys then took over the prowlers while the girls rowed for a further 6 minutes, it was an amazing effort and by far the most gruelling of wod of the day. The team managed to secure a joint second place going into the final but finished a respectable 3rd on the deadlift shuttle run combination. 

Ride and Run Summer Classic 2015 - 5th July  

Al and Sonya Pendrey along with Vikki Ferguson entered the mountain biking event on Cannock Chase. It was the first time any of them have raced which is an achieve me in itself, great to see members pushing themselves and trying new things.  With a challenging technical course with some tough loose climbs, Vikki came away with a podium finish and placed 3rd In her category. Well done all, great to see the CSC t-shirt flying the flag for us.


Looking ahead @ CSC

Summer Bank Holiday: Monday 31st August

Please Note, the Box will be closed on the above date due to the bank holiday. The sessions will be removed from Team up and we will reopen as normal on Tuesday 1st September


Additional Classes

We are adding some additional CrossFit sessions starting in August, these will replace the classes trialled in July between 8am and 9am.

The new sessions will run from 7:30am to 8:30am Monday, Wednesday and Friday throughout August. This is to allow as many members as possible to get in an early session and break a sweat before work, with open gym now being 8:30am to 9:30am. We will look at the success of these sessions towards the end of the month with a view to making them permanent if they seem popular.


Upcoming Events

Battle of the Beasts
The competition has been designed to find the UK’s fittest male & female athletes both physically and mentally. Ton Hunt and Richard Penwright have signed themselves up for this competition and are hoping to grab one of the 78 male places up for grabs. Overall there are 130 finals places with 52 female places to be won.

The competition selection kicks off with 3 qualifiers in August

~WOD 1 Release Date: 9th July (Submission closes 10th August at 11pm)
~WOD 2 Release Date: 12th August (Submission close 17th August at 11pm)
~WOD 3 Release Date: 19th August (Submission close 24th August at 11pm)

Finals date: 25th October 2015
Address: Five Lakes, Colchester Road, Essex, CM9 8HX - Map
Capacity: 2,500 seater arena

Masters at War
Lucie Anslow and Simon Wilson will be competing at "The Masters at War" competition in a mixed pairs event, held at TRAIN Manchester. Athletes will compete in a category defined by the combination of the ages of the pair. All athletes must be over 35 years of age on the day of competition.

The combined age categories this year are: 70-79, 80-89, 90-99, 100+
Competitors in the 70-79 and 80-89 categories will compete on Saturday 5th September
Competitors in the 90-99 and 100+ categories will compete on Sunday 6th September.

Scale The Heights
More on this in next months Newsletter, but this is a reminder that a number of our members have made It through to the final being held at Reebok CrossFit 3D Manchester on Sunday 13th September 2015. This is shaping up to be an amazing event, and although spectator tickets have sold out, we will do our best to keep you updated throughout the day. Watch this Space...  

Strength In Depth
A number of members have signed up to the Strength In Depth team event, with qualifiers starting on the 1st of August. There will be 2 more qualifiers released, one on the 1st September and then final qualifying WOD on the 1st October. The competition is loking to crown the fittest 12 person team in Europe, so lets suport the teams and wish them luck (Tammy Berrisford, Carlie Johns, Emma Sheehan, Lucie Anslow, Sara Fenton, Vicki Whitbrook, Simon Wilson, Tom Hunt, John Sheehan, Jonty Bryan, Dusan Grujic, John Wilkinson, Alex Banford, Tom Ducey, Matthew Plunkett, Tim Latter, Scot Esplin, Mat Taylor and Richard Penwright).
More details to come in future Newsletters.

Steph at the British Weightlifting Championship 2015

Steph at the British Weightlifting Championship 2015

Barbell Club
The Barbell Club continues into August. Steph will continue to hold the Barbell club on a Wednesday evening instead of a Saturday morning. As before there is a discount on the 8 and 4 session blocks and the drop in sessions will remain fixed at £15 with a maximum of 5 drop in slots available. As stated before, this is an amazing opportunity to train alongside a seasoned experienced athlete so please take advantage. Many members have already seen some positive results and translated the experience into the daily workouts. The Barbell club will continue to run in the open gym slots on a Wednesday between 8pm and 10pm.  
Dates for the club are below

  • Wednesday 5th August
  • Wednesday 19th August
  • Wednesday 26th August (1 Rep Max Competition)

Remember the barbell club is open to everyone at all ability levels. The course is open to non members too, so if you fancy giving it a go, please let us know.

Sunday Strongman Sessions

As mentioned back in May, we are looking to hold Strongman sessions on a Sunday from 9:30am - 11am. Details are still to be firmed up but its looking like we will be ready to serve this up on 6th September. Then every Sunday from then on (subject to Tim Latters availability). This is a great addition to our session offerings and as members you can take advantage of this as part of your current membership.

CrossFit has always stated that one of its staples is to be able to move large loads over long distances quickly. The strongman sessions are designed to move you away from the more efficient midline stabilisation, and gives you the opportunity to train differently. The strongman sessions will be designed to present you with a constantly changing field of play and make you more adaptable to odd shaped weights or apparatus like tires, chains or atlas stones.

We will go into more detail on this in our September newsletter. 

The bookings will need to be made via team up, and all strongman sessions are classed as 1xWOD off your membership. Keep your eye on the team Facebook page where we will be posting information with times and dates as we get it.  

Box Accessories

The CSC In-House Throwdown

We are so please that a number of our members have signed up and decided to have some fun and be apart of our in house throwdown. So lets take a step back and talk to you about competition, what it means for your training progression and why we urge you to do it.

Taking part in any in any competition, whether it be golf, a 5k, 10k run, a bike ride or a football match all require us to step outside of our comfort zones, they make dig deep and bring everything we have been taught together for the purpose of personal achievement.

Competition is an opportunity to learn; learn about yourself, your ability and your determination. For me it’s a way to face up to some things I take for granted, I might not get my favourite bar, I might have to clean and jerk facing the clock instead of the door, I might not know the judge or be faced with my least favourite movement. However, if we put ourselves through this we grow, we identify things we could do better, absorb information, and see other peoples approach to the workouts. It was with this in mind that we have decided to do another in-house throwdown, by taking part we believe you can to grow and test yourself in the comfort of a familiar setting with people you know. Its a great way to have fun and learn about yourself amongst people in a community that has been built for and around you. We really wanted as many of you as possible to take part; the competition has been designed to be fun and include everyone.. 

There are lots of members who have stepped up and taken their ability into the wider competition arena (just take a look at the upcoming events in this newsletter). Each and everyone of them will come back bigger and better for it. Without doubt it takes guts and confidence to do that for the reasons already mentioned, so to everyone who has signed up to take part, well done, this is going to be a great day. If you haven't signed up for this one, please do come along and support, it may just be what you need to take the plunge and compete at other events.

As a reminder, the event will be held on the 26th and 27th of September and to be all inclusive the individual competition will be comprised of a number of categories, (Men's RX, Women's RX, Men's Scaled, Women's Scaled) alongside a masters category (40+ Men's RX, Women's RX, Men's Scaled, Women's Scaled)

The throwdown is a rare opportunity for you to come and meet other members and take an active part in the CSC community. Come along and cheer people on, grab a brew, and if you’re thinking about joining CSC why not come along and see what all the fuss is about. Our coaches will be on hand to help you, answer any questions and guide you through the day.

We really can’t wait for this event, we really want you to help to make this the biggest in house throwdown we can. At the end of the day CSC is your community, this is your box so make the most of it and lets have some fun in the process.

If you missed this one, but fancy entering a competition this events calendar may be of use...

As a reminder, here are some of the photos from our last throwdow

Health and Wellbeing

Injury Clinic:

Paul Hanson will be at the box for an all day session on the Friday 21st August. In the mean time he is happy for anyone to contact him directly to book him of an evening at the box. To arrange a session please call Paul on 07963653292

Closing Comments...

With our UK summer being pretty miserable this year, especially during July, we are hoping for a pretty epic August! With the sun in mind, and reflecting on how quickly this year is going its worth stating that you guys have been just outstanding in your training efforts recently. It is great to see how physically strong you are all becoming but also brilliant to see how CrossFit has made many of you mentally stronger too; participating in qualifiers, team events, new challenges, smashing personal goals and more.

Always a joy to see the PB board being filled every month with new achievements and the continued enthusiasm you all show to any and all that walk through the door at CSC is truly inspirational.

Keep doing what you’re doing and continue to make yourself and CSC amazing!

CSC Team