Newsletter October 2015

Welcome to the October 2015 Newsletter; well, what a month September has been! Our members will have seen the changes taking place at the box, and with so many competitions this month its been busy. Below is a summary of what's happening at CSC, if I've missed anything or you want a shout out, just let me know. If your considering joining our growing community don't be afraid to drop us a line and get yourself involved.  Remember team you can still find all of the box news in the member's only CSC "Team" Facebook page, where you are free to discuss the board, the workouts, personal and group achievements and post your pictures for all to enjoy. So here we go...

Previously @ CSC

Scale The Heights Final - 13th September

Lucie Anslow, Carlie Johns and Matthew Plunkett took part in the Scale the Heights final held at Reebok CrossFit 3D in Manchester, and boy what a day that was.  The competition was incredibly well run, and the DJ and band made it a memorable throwdown. The event was by far one of the most nail biting throwdowns in recent memory. After wod one, the results were withheld to build a bit of excitement, only after wod 2 was the semi finalists announced. Lucie and Carlie were firing on all cylinders and proved that CSC builds athletes, both girls nailed it and made it Into the semi final. Not only that, they both left it all on the floor and progressed it into the final. Ben O'Malley and the team had a little surprise for the finalists too, anyone who took part in the qualifiers will remember "Row like Fran"!! it was a 21-15-9 triplet of calorie row, wallballs and jump over rower burpees. Both Lucie and Carlie gave it their all and came home with a 3rd place finish for Lucie and a respectable 6th place for Carlie. As always the CSC entourage was on hand to cheer everyone on and  support the event. Kudos to Ben for putting on a spectacular and unique event. We can't wait for 2016 and next years final. If your interested in taking part next year, you can sign up now, just follow this link

A small taste of the event can be seen on the video below from our YouTube channel.

Masters at War - 5th September

Lucie Anslow and Simon Wilson, Emma and John Sheenan all competed at "The Masters at War" competition in a mixed pairs event, held at TRAIN Manchester. All athletes must have been over 35 years of age on the day of competition. As alway Train Manchster put on a great two day event and our members did us proud. Some stiff competition at this throwdown, which is getting more popular each year with the masters pushing physical boundaries and expectations as each year passes. The kids can learn a thing or two from this generation of athlete. Well done to everyone that entered, we hope to see more members taking part in these kinds of events in the future.

Cheltenham - 12th September

Tammy Berrisford and Coach Georgina battled against 23 other teams to secure a 5th place finish at the event.  Coach Tom Hunt and Richard Penwright battled alongside 31 other teams. Major Kudos to Richard as this was his first event and helped secure the guys an 8th place position. Nice to see you all sporting our new Teal T-shirts :)

Gorilla Warfare - 19th September

CrossFit Clitheroe once again held its very popular annual team and individual throwdown, where teams complete 4 task based workouts. To compete the teams must have completed the online qualifiers and made the cut. Coach Tom Hunt and Tammy Berrisford managed to secure a top 20 finishing position alongside Matt Taylor and Vicki Wilhitbrooke who secured a 4th place victory. a total of 60 teams took part in the event so again great to see CSC represented at the event. Look out for the qualifiers for the 2016 competition, its one not to be missed.  

Looking ahead @ CSC

New Classes

We are adding some additional classes in October see below. For more details click the link

Conditioning Classes
Begin 5th October at 6am - 7am & 6pm - 7pm
Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Competitors Class
Begin 6th October at 19:30 - 21:00
Every Tuesday ONLY

Permanent addition to the  Timetable
Every Sunday 9:30

Additional Classes
The box is evolving, so be sure to keep an eye on our timetable for new CrossFit classes, changes to Open Gym, and Barbell club.

These are likely to fill up fast, so make sure you book your places



Foundations will be taking place on the following dates in October between 8pm - 9:30pm

Tuesday 20th
Thursday 22nd
Tuesday 27th
Thursday 29th


Upcoming Events

Rainhill Autumn Trials
Saturday October 3rd – Sunday October 4th 2015
Sport City Manchester

This no qualifier event has been designed to open competition up to any and all regardless of their experience. 320 successful athletes were drawn from a ballot, 160 male and 160 female, gave a series of results to allow them to be ranked with similar level athletes for competition on the day in one of the four subsidiary competitions;

Rocket (highest level - 1),
Kennedy (level 2),
Rastrick (level 3)
Wood (level 4)

Competitors in the Wood and Rastrick categories will compete on Saturday 3rd October 2015
Competitors in the Kennedy and Rocket categories will compete on Sunday 4th October 2015

Our members Lucie Anslow (Kennedy), Marie Jordan (Wood), Beth Lee and Tom Hunt (Rocket) will be competing in the event so lets wish them well. Results as usual will be posted in next months blog and on the team facebook page.

If you missed this one, but fancy entering a competition this events calendar may be of use...

Box Accessories

A Special Anniversary

Well guys, what can I say, we have made it to our 2nd anniversary and we wouldn't be here without your continued support, dedication and of course your amazing feedback. We have come a long way in the last 2 years and we feel we have only just scratched the surface. With the new building, new classes and programs we cant wait to see what the future holds. To celebrate our anniversary, we have trawled our Facebook and instagram pages and dug up some old photos as a reminder of where we have been..enjoy 

Health and Wellbeing

Injury Clinic:

Paul Hanson is happy for anyone to contact him directly to book an appointment. To arrange a session contact  Paul on 07963653292

Closing Comments...

A Huge
"Thank you"

I can't let this month pass without extending some words of thanks to a few people. Firstly what can I say, we would not be where we are without you, the members. Everyone of you has helped build CSC and has enabled us to deliver what we believe to be a quality product. As with all products we need to adapt and cater for our members and we hope we have done just that. Our mission is to continue to push you and ourselves to ensure you get the best out of your membership; because of this and your continued loyalty to CSC we have been able to expand, offer new classes and more opportunities to help you reach your personal goals.

A massive thank you to everyone who helped with the painting, a real show of box community spirit. A huge thank you to Georgina for her patience and availability during this upheaval, a big thank you to my dad, with his help through it all, and a huge huge thank you to Mr Simon Chadwick for all of the graft, late nights,  blood sweat and tears we shared getting the box in shape. So, it is with great pride I say thank you to you, the members, without you none of this would have been possible. Please enjoy what we have in store, tell your friends and family, share our posts, newsletters, YouTube videos and successes and lets make CSC bigger and stronger than ever. Thanks guys - Tim...