Newsletter November 2015

Welcome to the November 2015 Newsletter; well, where has this year gone!  If your considering joining our growing community don't be afraid to drop us a line and get yourself involved.  Members can still find all of the box news in the member's only CSC "Team" Facebook page, where you are free to discuss the board, the workouts, personal and group achievements and post your pictures for all to enjoy. Oh, and check out CSC TV too. So here we go...

Previously @ CSC

Rainhill Autumn Trials
Saturday October 3rd – Sunday October 4th 2015
Sport City Manchester

Our members Lucie Anslow (Kennedy), Marie Jordan (Wood), Beth Lee and Tom Hunt (Rocket) competed in the trials on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th October. We are happy to announce that Lucie and Marie both romped home with a 1st place position in each of their respective categories. Well done to both athletes, who have put in a lot of work to make it to the podium. Tom also managed to finish 28th against some stiff competition. Great to see CSC dominating the events lately. Thanks to BoxRox and Active Stills for the photos

If you missed this one, but fancy entering a competition this events calendar may be of use...

CSC In-House Throwdown
Saturday 26th Septemeber

A huge thank you to everyone who attended and took part in our 2 year anniversary throwdown. We feel it went really well and as always everyone gave their all. There have been a number of photos published on the Facebook team page,  to give a feel for the fun we had on the day. If you haven't seen them, check them out. The new space we added to the box certainly had a fitting christening with the sweat dripping off our athletes thanks to some tasty little wods.  Big congratulations to all of our winners, and a thank you to everyone who made time to support our community. 

1st Place Positions
Lawrence Eagle / Carlie Johns

2nd Place Positions
Paul Proudlock / Marie Jordan

3rd Place Positions
Tom Weston / Jen Locker

Looking ahead @ CSC

Continued Evolution of CSC

We are really pleased with the new additions to our box; the new expansion has enabled us to extend our offerings and host more classes, new time tables and enable us to accommodate new members. Strongman sessions are proving popular with members learning to handle themselves with odd shaped objects with Coach Tim Latter. We have Tom Hunt leading the charge on our competitors classes on Tuesdays and helping us achieve greatness in the field of play. Emma Sheehan developing our next generation of athletes with our CrossFit Kids programming. Paul Shelley rounding up the masses and putting them through their paces in the conditioning classes, and Georgina Gabriel overseeing our ever increasing mobility and capacity in the CrossFit classes. CSC is really only able to do all of this if you, the members participate and continue to invite friends and family along to see what its all about. Remember, our conditioning classes do not need you to have completed the foundations course so really is open to everyone who can make it. We will continue to assess what we offer at CSC and make sure what we deliver is appropriate and focused on member needs. We have come along way in such a short amount of time and we want to get everyone involved with what we do and help them find abetter version of themselves along the way

Box Accessories

 Everyone has read numerous articles about how to avoid injury, how to rest and recover correctly but I have not seen anyone discuss the mental and physical challenges of training with an injury, sometimes this part of the process can make or break people. Let me first get a few things clear, Always listen to your coach, if he/she sends you home, go home. Listen to your physio, if they say do or don't do something take notice. Regardless of how you think you know your own body these people have spent many hours researching and studying and are far more qualified than you. 

However, if your anything like me, you  will want to get back and throw things around as soon as possible. Mentally, trying to keep away from something you love is difficult, really difficult and this is generally why recovery takes longer and why we find ourselves back in pain on a regular basis. Ego's can do more damage than good sometimes and its important to remember that the weights or times on the board are there for guidance. Passing your driving test and then hitting the motorway at 80mph in traffic isn't advised, neither is coming back to lifting too soon and then trying to smash out a PB in every session. When you're injured, the goal has to be self preservation and recovery. It's really easy to have a few good days and then want to start to chase the pack again. Like it or not, you are going to have to take your time, build up slowly and take it back to basics. Now don't get me wrong this is going to suck, your probably going to feel like the newbie again and find it harder to keep away from that extra 10KG plate than it is to not tell anyone about CrossFit! Mentally your ready, but physically you are going to have to use the time to learn, study, perfect form, learn to scale, hone the moves you can do comfortably and most of all RECOVER. Stop looking at what you had accomplished and look at where you are now. You wont feel like it but you will get back there if you take the advice of your coach and physio and take it easy. So how do you mentally cope with the sudden drop in performance targets, well....

The CrossFit community has been called many things by many people, but from experience this is where you can benefit over most "Globo Gyms", most members really care about everyone else, after all they were there when you did your first pull up, and they were there shouting at you when you tried to finish Fran for the first time. Despite what your head is telling you, they all want you back on your feet and don't care you can't lift 130kg anymore, they care you're still moving and still apart of the crew. They all want a version of you that can play without pain, because if you can do that the community overall is stronger. Now, why does your ego kick your ass? Well, on the face of it Mr Atlas (fake member, obviously) gets all the ooo's and ahh's because he (or she) can overhead squat 100+kg, what you don't see is your coaches being more impressed by Mr slim who is being sensible, showing restraint and perfect form. Everyone has different PB's, some are their 1st 20" box jump, others are returning to a bar after 6 months away. Remembering the little achievements are just as important as celebrating the big ones, and this is why the CrossFit community is king, get to know each other, get to know your fellow members goals and celebrate with them, encourage them and support them. I am injured and will be taking 3 months off from chasing goals, its going to suck, the rush of a good PB is what I crave, but I must back off and recover. My new goal is to workout without pain: my head is telling me I can lift heavy, my coach is telling me to lift lighter for more reps. This is going to be difficult but I hold a lot of respect for a coach that can pull you to one side, tell you what they see and encourages you in the right way. CSC is an amazing place, so if you have a niggle, a twinge or something more serious be sensible, get it looked at and listen to the experts, not the voices in your head :) - MJ