Newsletter - End Of Year 2015

Well, what an amazing year. Personally I am still amazed at what has been delivered to us members in such a short amount of time. 2015 has seen the box transform into more than just a box, and the community that support it is truly incredible. Anyway, this is a short sharp newsleter, so lets get on with it.....

A Few Words From Tim... 

Just wanted to say a few words....

This year has seen you all post many PB’s, some at large weights, some at 1 more rep on a “fight gone” bad score, others a bodyweight pull up, maybe just achieving moving the heavy atlas stone up a little further off the ground than the time before or even just holding onto the rig for 5 seconds longer than last time. For some a PB could have been coming in 15minutes before a class to warm up properly’ or last of all achievement of the year turn up to more than 1 WOD a week :D. Either way, it has been a personal goal or achievement on that individual’s level.

As a box owner I want to say thank you for all the members who have high fived, fist bumped each other, gone over to somebody you may be slightly jealous of and gone ‘Well done mate’ Supporting others through their personal journey is the right thing to do because you can be damn sure they will be supporting you throughout yours.

These last few months especially have seen the spirit, respect and support go through the roof on every level, you have listened to the coaches you have scaled things to be sensible. You all know me very well and know I get a little… let’s just say ‘very passionate!’ about you all performing at the best you can whilst being safe & sensible during all movements!

I just wanted to say a huge well done to all every single member past & present!

I am looking at bringing something into next year ‘member of the month’ but this will be from January, I have wanted to mention this person for a long time and for me she is my personal choice for


I want to say a huge well done to you personally, you have inspired more people than you know, your story your journey and your achievements are and will keep on being so great! I have along with all my coaches watched you grow from a very quiet and sesitive person to be (let me use my words) ‘epic’ person to be around.

This does not mean other members haven’t inspired me personally or anyone else in the box too so just keep on doing what you are doing because you are all brilliant!

A big fat thank you from me for making my dream come true, allowing me to Coach you but also being a part of my dream.

Train, believe and achieve

You are all winners in my eyes!
Your Coach

Xmas and New Year Opening

Over the Christmas period we are closed for a few days to give our coaches a well deserved break to spend time with family and friends. We are now open on Monday the 28th, but it will be open gym only as we are refurbishing the reception area. On Monday the 28th, if you can park around the back and use the shutter doors are your entry point this will help a lot.

Thursday 24th - Closed
Friday 25th - Closed
Saturday 26th - Closed
Sunday 27th - Open
Monday 28th - Open Gym Only 09.00-16.00 (see Team Up)
Tuesday 29th - Open
Wednesday 30th - Closed
Thursday 31st - Closed
Friday 1st - Closed

Scale the Heights - Don't Let the Barbells End

A big shout out to all the CSC crew who attended CrossFit Napalm on 13th December, to support and take part in Scale the heights Christmas competition. The results can be seen by clicking on the logo above.

Carlie Johns and Marie Jordan
Beth Lee and Claire Chadwick
Becky Esplin and Tammy Berrisford
Hassan Ali and Tom Weston
Matt Plunkett and Jon Bryan
John Wilkinson and Simon Chadwick
Rich Penwright and Tom Hunt
Tim Fearnett

2016 - A Sneak Peak from the Coaches

Next year is going to bring lots of new exciting classes, hours & treats to your hands now this means a complete re shuffle on coaches hours, timetable reshuffle and all sorts of speciality classes.

There will be a nice new shiny reception with boards with lots of new information but also (BOX RULES) please take your time to read them or you will be asked politely to leave the establishment (If you cannot respect the coaches along with the kit and other fellow members then CSC is not for you)

  • Please pay close attention to the timetable we have had to turn a couple of people away on some classes as they had not booked on and all classes were full.

  • Cancelling late is better than not cancelling at all, this frees the slot up for somebody else to book on.

  • Paying attention to your allowances and what your membership entitles you to.

  • Timings .... turning up 3 minutes before a class and leaving 2 minutes after will only go down badly with the coach as being uncommitted to bettering yourself (stretching is more important than lifting).

  • Payments....!! If you choose to pay cash then make sure you bring the payment in, you would not expect to go buy milk and pay tomorrow.....

  • Last of all respect the Coaches, Kit & other members. Kit goes without question as it is you that uses it!! Pay respect to the coaches as I know for sure that they will pay you with theirs! As previously said high five fist bump and cheer on achievements but also be one to celebrate with one another.

And Finally...

So that's is folks, 2015 is done and dusted, turkey and champagne await most of you. As a member, I would just like to say a big thank you to all of the coaches at CSC.

2015 has been an amazing year as a member and the changes you have delivered have been immense. I am sure that other members will join me in thanking you all for the tireless work you put in  to continue to deliver amazing programming, new and fun WOD's, and the encouragement that you all extend to every single one of us on a daily basis.

Guys I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and new year, and thank you so much for doing what you do, CSC is an amazing place to train and its all down to your hard work and enthusiasm.

Merry Christmas Guys. - MJ

Martyn Jennings

Amature Photographer, Father, Part Time Crossfit,