Kris Middleton

Coach - Central Staffs CrossFit

My journey into fitness started through wanting to become a better American Football player. Whilst being active during school I stopped doing anything physically active until 2013 when I decided I wanted to get into a team sport.

After doing some research of the teams around me I made the decision to try-out for the Staffordshire Surge American Football team, I wasn’t anything special but wanted to get better. When one of the coaches arranged for a team session at a local CrossFit box, my love for Olympic Weightlifting began.

Whilst still working as Carpentry & Joinery lecturer and Assessor I began training to improve my American Football and not only ended up competing in the 2016 Midlands Open (British Olympic Weightlifting) but becoming the Defensive Captain for the Staffordshire Surge (2015-present).

Following a decision to leave the education industry I decided to further my interests and own education and returned to being a student. I started a degree in Sports Strength and Conditioning and as part of my degree I was required to undertake a work placement. After a very positive conversation with Tim I started a placement with CSC just before Christmas 2018. 

As a coach I enjoy helping people achieve their best through use of my knowledge of Olympic Weightlifting, whether that is being able to complete a lift as a novice, lift more load or improve efficiency during a lift for better times during workouts. My goals as a coach are very similar to other coaches at CSC in that my aims are to help people move better not only for performance but a healthier lifestyle and to reduce injury, personally I aim to go on after my undergrad degree to complete a master’s degree in Biomechanics to be able further help people move in the best way possible.

Whether I’m on the field leading my team mates or in the Gym coaching members I always try to employ, demonstrate and pass on what the Finnish call Sisu, which is a strong mental health, hard working attitude, determination and perseverance.

·      BSc (Hons) Sports Strength and Conditioning (Due to Graduate Sept 2019)

·      BAFCA L1 – American Football Coaching