Introductory CrossFit® Membership

Crossfit Membership

To get the best out of Central Staffs CrossFit®, we know that the foundation's course is essential. However, most people are put off by the cost of the foundation's course on its own. We want people to see our memberships as a way to improve and enhance their lives in many ways. Fitness is a gift, and it takes effort to achieve it. We also know that everyone needs the opportunity to understand what they are doing in order to benefit from the programming. By taking out our Introductory membership, you get everything you need to hit the ground running and take your fitness to the next level. The Membership is £165, that's a saving of over £100 for 4 months of exercise.

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Why is it an Introductory Membership?

To support our philosophy and to give everyone a chance to see how CrossFit® can benefit everyone, we created a membership that gives you the foundations course for free and gives you an opportunity to see how a membership can help you and your fitness goals.

After three months, if you don't like it or feel its not for you, you can walk away. 90% of our members stay on and have been long-term members and are now part of the Central Staffs CrossFit® Community.

This is a fantastic deal, and you will not regret stepping up your fitness with a constantly varied exercise program. Join Now. To sign up fill out the form above and we will add you to the next foundation's course.

Alternatively, you can opt to just do the foundations course for £100, with no obligation to take out a membership if that is what you would prefer.