At CSC we want to create the best atmosphere for all who enter through our doors. With that being said there needs to a few rules in place to ensure everyone makes that happen.

#1- Have Fun

#2 - Turn Up On Time, Don't Be Late 

#3 - Introduce Yourself to New Members / High Five /Fist Bump Everyone

#4 - Celebrate Every PR in the Box, Big or Small, Yours Or a Fellow Member

#5 - Tidy Up After Yourself

#6 - Respect OthersAnd Coaches, We are Here To Help And Keep You Safe and Injury Free

#7 - Don't Cheat, You're Only Cheating Yourself

#8 - Don't Drop Empty Bars, Dumbbells or Kettlebells From Above Your Head, Respect The Equipment

#9 - Sign Up Before The Class Through TeamUp, We'd Hate To Turn You Away

#10 - Pay Attention When a Coach is Coaching Or Explaining Movements

#11 - If You're Finished, Go And Encourage Those Who Are Still Grinding Out Their Last Few Reps

#12 - Don't Say You Cant Before Trying, The Only Way To Get Better Is To Push Yourself Beyond What You Think Is Possible

#13 - Commit To Everything You Do, Wether That Be Giving 100% in the Workout, Attempting A New PR Or Outside The Box With Your Nutrition or Lifestyle

#14 - Tell Friends, Family, Colleauges And People You Meet How Awesome This Place Is

#15 - Enjoy Yourself!!!

Rules are made to be broken, but breaking these will result in a punishment that the coaches see fit.
Usually Burpees!

We want you to enjoy your time at CSC, so follow the rules, make people welcome, respect yourself and the gym, and please have fun!