Gym Jones

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Gym Jones came to prominence In the early 2000’s when they trained the Cast of “300”. They have gone on to become one of the premium strength and conditioning facilities in the World, training professional sports people from the NFL, NBA and NHL as well as professional mountain climbers and Special Force operatives. 

The main thing that Gym Jones believe is
"The Mind is Primary”

Gym Jones sessions, can be explained as power endurance. What’s the point of being able to lift heavy loads if you can’t carry your engine. The use of rowing, skiing and cycling incorporated with medium loads for timed intervals, to enable you to be able to sustain a pace over a longer period. Gym Jones develops and improves overall endurance and challenges what you believe about yourself.

The most important part of training is mindset. The main principle of Gym Jones is “The mind is primary” If the mind is willing to do the work the body will follow.

Gym Jones is best described as a training methodology that develops and tests your physical limits, builds mental grit and forges total body strength and power.

The class is for all abilities, all that is needed is a belief in yourself to try.

Class Timetable

Tuesday & Thursday -  19:00
Sunday - 09:30