Do You Need Experience?

If its your first time in a gym, then we recommend starting on our conditioning classes, this will build a base level of fitness and you can go as hard or as slow as you like. The coaches will make sure you work hard, but its all done at your own pace. The harder you work the fitter you will get. 

As for our Crossfit, we do recommend that everyone completes the CrossFit Foundations course. This course goes through all of the necessary movements, lifts and exercises to ensure you can hit the WOD's safely and benefit from the step up in complexity.

What is a TASTER session?

We offer free sessions for those who are not sure if Central Staffs Crossfit is for them. We want to make joining us as risk free as possible so we allow everyone a free session on a class of their choice to come and meet the team and see what we do. 

Am I locked into a long-term contract?

The simple answer is no! Our contracts are only 30days. All you do is cancel your membership, commit to your upcoming final payment and 30days after that you are free to move on. However, we hope that never happens!

What if I have an injury?

All of our workouts are scalable, we would recommend discussing your injury with your coach, and they can provide options for you to continue. Alternatively, you can visit our in-house specialists (PTR) who can recommend exercises to help you rehabilitate the injured area, and suggest workarounds for you to follow.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my memberships?

Yes, we are aware everyone's circumstances change, and if you want more from CSC, you can upgrade. If you cant make it due to circumstances outside your control we can downgrade you if necessary. This can all be done via our Team Up application. 

What if I have questions or issues?

We like to be as professional as possible, and we have a few options for you to raise any questions or issues. We have a diligent administration team who can pick up emails quickly and get a response out to you within 24hrs, we have anonymous feedback forms if you wish to comment on something about the gym or you can phone us. We also respond to social media requests on Instagram and Facebook if that's more convenient.


Why are your classes capped at 12?

By capping our classes at 12 people per session allows us to ensure that everyone is coached correclty, observed, and gets the most out of our facility. Some gyms allow large numbers of people training together, but its hard to give everyone the attention they need in bigger groups. Our facility is large, and we an cater for more people, but safety, and a good training experience is far more important to us. 

What if i cant make a class?

Our system sends a reminder email three hours before your selcted class start time. If you cant make the class simply cancel two hours before and youll get a refund or retain your membership credit. If you have a 6:30am session you will need to cancel at the latest 9:30pm. This is to allow our coaches to prepare for the 6:30am sessions. If you cancel after this time you will lose your membership credit or payment. We do all we can to assist our members in times of difficulty, but we do ask that you be courteous to other members and coaches and cancel in good time if you are unable to attend.

What is BoxMate?

Boxmate is a downloadable application for smartphones that enables you to track your performance at our gym. The app also allows the coaching team to maximise the triaining goals of the workouts to ensure you are working optimally. The app is a paid service and is funded by the gym when you sign up for a membership. If the app is not accessed within 3 months your subscription will be terminated. To learn more visit the link below

Do you have showers?

Yes. We realise that many people like to train and then head off to work or a social event after training. We have 2 modern showers which are available to use, should the need arise.

Do you have a cafe?

We have recently refurbished our reception area and are now offering a range of Coffees, Smoothies, Tea and Protein Shakes. We also sell a variety of snacks, including Porridge pots and Protein Bars.

How do I buy a T-shirt

We have a online store with over 1700 items for sale; from t-shirts to hoddies, phone cases to cuddly toys we have it all. Keep your eyes open for our latest deals and promotions. you can even customise your own shirts. Check out the store below.