Newsletter February 2019

Member of the Month

We wanted to announce our latest Member of the Month. It's always a hard task to single out individuals when everyone is absolutely smashing their goals. 

MOM FEB 2019-min.png

However, as is tradition, we are naming Shonagh Kinnear as our MoM. 

Shonagh, joined us from another Crossfit affiliate when she moved the Staffordshire region.

She initially joined the conditioning class after injuring her shoulder, she attended the classes and had therapy at the box. She listened to her body and scaled the movements back to help her rehabilitation.

She has recently joined the Crossfit classes and is progressing so well, still scaling movements to build up her shoulder.

She’s a great personality to have in the classes always supportive of the other members and listens to the coaches.

Well done Shonagh

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It is that time of year when members and friends of Central Staffs CrossFit take part in the Stafford Half Marathon. Due to access restrictions and road closures, we will be closed on Sunday 17th March.

We want to wish everyone a great event and hope to see you on the course.

Crossfit Open 2019-min.png

The 2019 open is well underway, and we have seen a fantastic response from our members. Coach Pat Lucas has been providing some tips on how to tackle the workouts which have been fantastic. If you have not seen these, we have published these on Boxmate. If you don’t have access to Boxmate, send a message to to get enrolled.

Check out some of the pictures below. If you missed out this year or didn’t know what the open is, make sure you make a note in your diary for next year.

The Open is a great way to test yourself, and test how your coaches have prepared you for the movement standards and demonstrated consistency in the workout expectations.


Crossfit Foundations.png

Our May 2019 foundations course is just around the corner. If you want to take part in our Crossfit Classes then you will need to complete a foundations course. The course is designed to give you all the understanding and teach the movement standards you need to hit the ground running. We run the course over 8 workshops in 4 weeks. Starting at 8pm on a Tuesday and Thursday you will learn how to move, understand how to build a long lasting relationship with fitness and conclude each workshop with a friendly workout to keep the blood flowing. We offer introductory memberships which give you the foundations course for free. For more information click the button below.

Member of the Month

Sara Morley.png

If you are new to Central Staffs CrossFit, we would like to explain our member of the month award. The award is to recognise those who have gone above and beyond to be the best version of themselves. This month we have decided to award Sara Morley our Member of the Month

Sara joined Central Staffs since February 2017. Like most Sara initially started on the conditioning classes, a great way to build stamina and increase performance. Sara then progressed to our foundations course to move her fitness into a new domain. Sara successfully completed the course and moved on to the Crossfit classes. Sara is always keen to learn and is very open to instructions from the coaches. She always comes in with a smile on her face even on the 6:30 classes. Sara has increased her membership and now attends the gymnastics classes. By attending gymnastics, Sara is learning greater body control and is actively working on her perceived weaknesses.

Understanding that it takes work and there are no quick fixes is a real sign of dedication to your own development.

Sara well done and keep up the excellent work.

24 Hour Charity Workout

Today’s the day..

On Friday 28th December, which is only a few hours away. We will be holding an open day and a 24 hour charity event. The event starts at 9am with a quick run down of the day, and the first WOD starting at 9:15am. At 10am we will be having a 50+ workout, then anyone can join in throughout the day up till 3pm when we will be having a kids workout.

There WILL be cakes, there WILL be tea and coffee, there WILL be a raffle and more.
To take part, sign the waiver below, be prepared to donate then choose your hour to workout and turn up. To see why we are doing this, watch the video below

Rich Bell, one of our members, has taken up a challenge to complete a 24hr workout to raise money for Penny’s Army and Blood Bikes. The event will take start on the 28th December at 9am where a WOD will be started at the top of every hour. We are opening our doors to anyone who wishes to take part.

We have appealed to as many Crossfitters as we can, in the hope we reach our fundraising target of £10,000.

WOD CLock34army.jpg

If you want to take part, please hit the button below and add your name to the list. Once we get the finer details sorted we will send out an email giving you a breakdown of the day.

This is an amazing feat of endurance for Rich, so the more people help us out and do a workout here and there to keep him company, the easier it will be for him.


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Agree to waiver* *
By ticking this box you are agreeing to be personally responsible for your own health and safety during the event. By agreeing you waive any rights to claim against Central Staffs Crossfit or any other participants in named event. If at any time you change your mind, you can opt out of this agreement and you will not be permitted to take part.

Nice to Be Noticed...

Best Gyms in Stafford

We work hard to give our members and visitors a great training experience, and its always good to see this recognised in an independent review.

Central Staffs Crossfit has again be listed as one of the top three gyms in the area. Being measured on a 50 point check, and being the only strength and conditioning facility to make the list we are proud to be noticed.