24 Hour WOD

24 Hour Charity Workout

Today’s the day..

On Friday 28th December, which is only a few hours away. We will be holding an open day and a 24 hour charity event. The event starts at 9am with a quick run down of the day, and the first WOD starting at 9:15am. At 10am we will be having a 50+ workout, then anyone can join in throughout the day up till 3pm when we will be having a kids workout.

There WILL be cakes, there WILL be tea and coffee, there WILL be a raffle and more.
To take part, sign the waiver below, be prepared to donate then choose your hour to workout and turn up. To see why we are doing this, watch the video below

Rich Bell, one of our members, has taken up a challenge to complete a 24hr workout to raise money for Penny’s Army and Blood Bikes. The event will take start on the 28th December at 9am where a WOD will be started at the top of every hour. We are opening our doors to anyone who wishes to take part.

We have appealed to as many Crossfitters as we can, in the hope we reach our fundraising target of £10,000.

WOD CLock34army.jpg

If you want to take part, please hit the button below and add your name to the list. Once we get the finer details sorted we will send out an email giving you a breakdown of the day.

This is an amazing feat of endurance for Rich, so the more people help us out and do a workout here and there to keep him company, the easier it will be for him.


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By ticking this box you are agreeing to be personally responsible for your own health and safety during the event. By agreeing you waive any rights to claim against Central Staffs Crossfit or any other participants in named event. If at any time you change your mind, you can opt out of this agreement and you will not be permitted to take part.