Pats Tips ... 19.1

19.1 is...

15-minute AMRAP:

19 Wall Balls 9/6kg

19 Calorie row

CrossFit Open 19.1

CrossFit Open 19.1

I am a huge fan of this workout and you all should be too. It’s a simple workout with simple movements and a great chance to test where your baseline conditioning is at.

As I have said this is a simple, 15-minute breather and definitely one for the taller athletes to excel.


I personally would attack this as an EMOM however, shorter people and women struggle to get the 19 calories in the 2 minutes. For me, I know I can hit 40 Wall Balls and 20 Calories on the rower at a steady pace. So that being said, I know 19 would last around 40 seconds, I’d use the 20 seconds as rest and transition and then I’d go for a steady pace (big pulls) on the tower and if I have it left it the tank I’d use the last 3 minutes and just go for it.

With a number like 19 on the Wall Balls, it is a frustrating number as it’s just on the other side of comfortable. However, I would say always aim for unbroken on the wall balls and use the rower as the rest period as I have studied rowing calculators before, no matter what pace you are going at on the rower it won’t make a huge difference so therefore, just jeep moving (it’s better pulling at 200 calories a minute than not moving at all).

As always have fun. This is the most important part, don’t put too much pressure on yourself, this is a great chance to test yourself against yourself and have a little friendly competition at the same time.

Key points

  • Manageable CONSISTENT sets
  • Keep moving
  • Have fun


We will aim for the heats to run on a 20-minute clock. There is a warm up on the board which lasts around 30 minutes so start your warm up as the previous heat is going, there will be a coach there to help. See you all later!