Newsletter May 2019

Did we all get our hopes up when the sun came out? Then just as we broke out the sunglasses and shorts the rains came! Not a great start to June really.

You will have seen that we have programmed running back into our WOD’s so don’t forget to bring your running shoes over the next few months so you can’t have any excuses.

Back to the task at hand. This month we would like to announce our Member of the Month as

Amy Hill.png

Amy has been a member of CSC since December 2016. She, like most, started initially on a conditioning membership before completing her foundations in April 2017.

Amy has recently been attending the WODs regularly and has also tried her hand at our strongman classes (these are back and in a new time slot).  Amy has caught the attention of all the coaches due to her approach and dedication to not only the strength days but also the metcon classes too.

Well done Amy, you have smashed it, and we look forward to seeing next month’s progression.

For those of you who were not aware, we had a few members and friends take part in the Tribal Clash event in Portugal.

Paul, Julie, Rebecca, Gemma, Chris and Danny came 151 out of 190 teams and came away with some great lessons in competition tactics.

Their strongest event was event two, a swim out at sea pushing a life board followed by a 3mile beach run. They came 27th in that event, which is a great achievement considering 190 other teams were in the mix.

Check out the video to the right of this summary to see what they were up against.

They have decided to have another go next year with a 100% Central Staffs CrossFit member roster. So if you want to go along to watch or offer your services as a substitute therein plenty of time to get it sorted.

Well done all who took part, great to see people taking on a challenge.



Tribal Clash is returning to Bantham Beach in July for the 7th instalment of the UK’s premier team fitness competition. The 2018 event was unreal, with stunning weather enhancing the beach party atmosphere. 2019 will be bigger, better, even more challenging but just as fun!

CSC has three teams taking part. Paul Hanson, Julie Addison, Gav & Sam Heath, Sarah Morley, Dusan G, Shane Turgyan, Chris Waterfall, Gemma Frisby, Tracy Birchall, Emily Bennett, Sylwia Drużdż, Laurie Marshall, Matt Best, Nick Booker, Tony Dean and Beth Giles will all be on the beach representing CSC. Good luck all and keep us posted.

ironman703 staffordshire neg.png

Our very own Paul Shelley will be tackling the Staffordshire ironman challenge on June the 9th.

Paul has been training hard and is “somewhat” looking forward to the event. Undertaking a challenge like this is both a mental and physical test and as you know, Paul is a master at both.

You may be wondering why Paul is doing this? Well, he is doing it to raise money for a beloved Central Staffs CrossFit members cause.

Member Alex Whitlock is trying to raise as much money for the “Forget Me Not Ward” at the Stoke Maternity unit and Paul is helping.

So far Paul has managed to get 57% of his £1000 fundraising target. So dig deep people and support this great cause.

Three Peaks.png
Paul Tweaked-min.jpg

Alex Whitlock is also fronting a three peaks challenge for the “Forget me Not” ward. On Friday 14th Alex and his crew will be tackling Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike, and Mount Snowdon.

Everyone involved have been training hard to get this done within the 24 hours, so dig deep help a great cause and donate.

We are looking forward to seeing the CSC t-shirts on a few photos from the top of each peak.

Good luck all and have fun.

Not Goodbye, More Like “Au revoir”

Ok so my French isn’t great, but I am sure the translation is until we meet again! As you know our beloved Pat Lucas is moving onto his USA adventure and many of you came to his farewell workout. So thank you to those who sent him off in the Central Staffs CrossFit tradition.

Greenshot 2019-06-04 20.55.56.png

Now, as part of the Central Staffs CrossFit team, I wanted to highlight how well Pat developed as a coach and a reliable team member.

He will admit, at first he struggled with his confidence, as many of us do when we enter somewhere like Central Staffs CrossFit, New faces, new ways of working and I am sure we have all suffered from imposter syndrome at sometime or another?

Pat took some huge personal steps and accountability for his own development and his confidence just continued to soar.

Pat became a great part of Central Staffs CrossFit and developed into a well rounded and respected coach. I am sure he has much more to offer as he continues his journey and we are all sad to see him go.


Now along with Pats departure we have two new faces in our coaching team (yes that's right pat we needed two people to replace you!!) Beth Giles and Emily Bennett.

Beth Joins us as a trainee coach bringing a wealth of Gymnastics knowledge to the team and Beth is being being mentored by both Paul and Tim to develop her skills further.

Emily is our latest intern and is soaking up knowledge like a sponge, nothing gets past her and she’s eager to learn.

So please give them respect and listen to their cues in the workouts.

New Faces


We have 14 new faces in the Crossfit classes, so please take the time to introduce yourself, share your journey and support our latest foundation course graduates.

Welcome aboard all, and we hope you make the most of your time at Central Staffs CrossFit.

Take control of your fitness, be accountable for your actions in regard to your health and wellbeing and please ask questions if you need to.


Corporal Jamie Kirkpatrick

Friday 28th June at 15.30


This month’s hero WOD is a very important one for Tim.  Tim served with Corporal Kirkpatrick in Afghanistan and was part of the same regiment the 33/101 Engineers  (Explosive Ordnance Disposal).

Corporal Kirkpatrick was killed by small arms fire in the Nahr-e Saraj district of Helmand province of Afghanistan on Sunday 27 June 2010 aged 32, he is survived by his wife and daughter.

This month’s WOD will be held on Friday 28th June at 15.30. 



In teams of 3
Row 2000m (Check in)
3 Rounds
60 heavy sandbag cleans
400m sled pull AHAP
60 Tyre Flips
150 slam balls

If you have anything planned that you would like adding to the newsletter, please drop us a line on the usual email address.

Take care of yourself and each other and we will be back in a months time.

Martyn Jennings

Amature Photographer, Father, Part Time Crossfit,