Pats Tips - 19.4


For total time:

3 rounds of:

  10 snatches

  12 bar-facing burpees

Then, rest 3 minutes before continuing with:

3 rounds of:

  10 bar muscle-ups

  12 bar-facing burpees

Time cap : 12 minutes

Another technical workout with a short time cap but slightly different this time. With rest being programmed in this is suggesting that it is sprints so if any of the movements or weights are not in your wheelhouse then you need to consider what you are going to do (whether Rx or scaled) and the mindset you need to approach this workout positively.


This workout has a 12-minute time cap with 3 minutes rest, so let's call it a 9-minute time cap to complete 6 rounds which include 30 Snatches, 30 Bar Muscle Ups and 72 bar Facing Burpees so with that in mind this is a tough workout and needs to be done at speed (particularly the Burpees)

You can step on the Burpees as long as the jump is a 2 footed jump so this is a way that could be used to slow yourself down to stay at a consistent, yet slightly uncomfortable pace on the Burpees so be prepare for it to hurt.

The snatches are at a weight where, if you're doing the Rx, you can do them unbroken and move through them at a good pace. If I did 10 Snatches and the best athletes in the world did 10 Snatches there wouldn't be a huge difference and if I could do 10 Bar Muscle Ups unbroken and the best in the world did 10 Bar Muscle Ups unbroken there wouldn't be that much difference, so with that being said the time is on the bar facing Burpees so the trick is to not go out too hard on the Burpees, particularly on the first round but go hard enough because you only have 3 rounds before having 3 minutes rest.

One of the things that defines CrossFit on the level 1 course is that it is repeatable and measurable. Bare this is mind when deciding what to do on this workout. If you can't do muscle ups or a 43kg Snatch is 95% of your 1 Rep Max then you should scale this workout. If you can't do Pull Ups this should have been expected to come up as the scale last year for Bar Muscle Ups was Pull Ups, this is further proving that you need your workouts to be measurable. So, if last year you couldn't get a Pull Up, maybe this year you can and this is showing you that you are improving and if you still can't do a pull up then it's still something that needs improving.

Make sure you warm up properly if you're trying to get your first Pull Up or especially for Muscle Ups. Please don't just come in from sitting down at work all day, sitting in your car on your way to the gym and then jump up on the bar, swing around and see if you can do a Muscle Up straight in from your car, it's a recipe for disaster, there are coaches for you to ask and a warm up on the board if you're not sure how to get yourself warm.

For the final point and the same as last week, be positive! You can do 3 rounds before any technical gymnastics’ movements come up so no matter what you get the chance to finish half of the workout and that means that you are going to get a good workout in no matter what and if you get to the second 3 rounds you get a good chance to surprise yourself.


Key Points

-    Be prepared for it to hurt

-    Make sure your workout is measurable

-    Don't Rx if you can't!!!! (Please)

-    Warm Up

-    Be positive



We will aim for the heats to run on a 15-minute clock and the workout has a 12-minute time cap so this is quite a quick turnaround so make sure you're ready, know your weights and scales and have a judge. There is a warm up on the board again which is 20 minutes if you decide to do that. See you soon!



Martyn Jennings

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