Black Friday Deals

So, we wanted to offer our potential new customers and those wantng to upgrade to our CrossFit programming something for black friday and a kick start to the new year. We have put together a couple of offers that will hopefully help you take the plunge into something new.

We have deided to give everyone who signs up for our January 2019 Introductory Crossfit Membership 2 free conditioning sessions a week till the end of the year. Perfect for getting your fitness levels ready for January. So in addition to a free foundations you’ll get get access to two conditioing classes a week worth over £30. Thats 5 weeks of Conditioing, 1 month of foundations and 3 months Membership for £165!! 5 months training for £165.

We are also offering new customers a chance to grab one of our 3 month conditioning packs for £60. Thats £2.33 per session. However, we only have five on offer so get in quick.

Click the Image above to get the best fitness deal of 2018!

Martyn Jennings

Amature Photographer, Father, Part Time Crossfit,