Kids Coach - Central Staffs CrossFit

I joined CSC in February 2014 & it turns out, it was exactly what I was missing from my life !! 

I was working full time as a paramedic, as well as being wife to Rich & mum to Harry.  I wasn't getting any time for me !!  
CSC gave me the headspace I desperately needed & I fell totally in love with Crossfit.

Fast forward 4 years, I've really got the bug !!  
We're now a CrossFit family, our 9-year-old son Harry has been a CSC Kid since the very beginning (April 2015) & accompanies us to the Box as often as he can.

I've always been strong & flexible, as a kid I did gymnastics, ballet & swimming & I practice yoga regularly now….. I'm a firm believer that mobility & flexibility go hand in hand with staying fit & strong & hopefully, as a 44-year-old mum who can turn cartwheels & do headstands, I'm proof of that!

If we can instil this belief into our kids, they stand a good chance of going through their lives as fit, strong, individuals, avoiding the pitfalls of poor nutrition & lack of exercise.

It's an incredible community to be part of & I love that being around these people has the power to inspire our youngsters in so many positive ways, not just sport, but life in general.